The Continual Creep of Progressive Policy

Unfortunately, it appears the only way to stop the union-progressive policy tide from further drowning families, businesses, and taxpayers is for Washington, D.C. style drama to create legislative paralysis in the Ocean State. There is in-party fighting, distrust and lack of communication among the Chambers, and insider leaks. Recent history clearly shows that the people of Rhode Island lose when the General Assembly is in session. Therefore, we have a simple message to the leadership of both chambers: JUST STAY HOME!
The Democrat power struggle demonstrates the utter lack of leadership and strategic thinking of our state’s political class. There was no rational rhyme or reason to the advancement of the many progressive bills that were about to become law, but that now has fortunately been put into limbo. Further, this bad-government tradition of a final-days cattle-call of legislative votes, against a summer deadline, leaves zero room for negotiation or compromise. This is a clear case of self-inflicted, administrative malfeasance. Our legislative process is clearly in dire need of reform.
Evidenced by the 50th rank in business climate, 48th rank in Jobs & Opportunity, and 45th rank in Family Prosperity, the continual creep of progressive policies has wrought continued wreckage throughout the state. Once again this year, the preliminary General Assembly Freedom Index shows that the vast majority of bills rated by the Center serve to decrease freedoms and limit the opportunity for prosperity for the majority, non-special-interest faction, of our state’s population.
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