Use Your Voice – Huge Deficits Cannot be Plugged with Even Higher Taxes

Before the coronavirus crisis… the Ocean State was already hemorrhaging people, because of its existing cruel business climate. Now, Rhode Islanders cannot afford tax hikes to plug huge projected budget deficits.

Lawmakers are being pressured by public sector unions and the radical far left movement to put the burden on you… and to raise your taxes.

That’s why the Center has launched a new counter campaign to the government-union led effort to raise taxes in RI.Take action now.

We need Rhode Island to become a more prosperous place to raise a family and build a career…and maybe even own our own boat. Instead of raising taxes, we should be raising sails!

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the Ocean State with significant revenue loss after forced government shutdowns, but the worst time to raise taxes is during an economic crisis. Jobs and businesses will be destroyed, while your family will have less disposable income. Instead of raised sales across Rhode Island, the left has a vision of raised taxes.

It is up to you to speak up, your voice is powerful and can make change. You can learn more about the benefits of a free-market economy, and take action at

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