Stenhouse: Violence in Warwick Schools; Reaping the Consequences of their Perverse Teachings?

Last week, the Principal of Veterans Middle School in Warwick issued a public appeal on Facebook to school parents about the increasing violence that is occurring among its student body (the full appeal is below).

It is clear to me – based on common sense and on the many conversations I’ve held with child psychologists on my In The Dugout video podcast – that public schools are breeding emotional instability and divisiveness into K-12 students.

When, under the guise of anti-discrimination, we instruct kids and teachers to discriminate against others based on their race or political beliefs … and to form “tribes” with like-minded sycophants … is it any surprise that these hateful teachings might lead to emotional, digital, or even physical altercations?

When school officials secretly, yet aggressively, encourage young children to question their own identity, their God-given sexuality, and even their own parents … is it any surprise these kids become mentally unstable and more prone to joining some “tribe” in a desperate attempt to find some level of emotional security among their peers? Even to the point of tribal violence.

When we attack children’s faith taught to them by their parents … by eschewing God and attacking Christianity … are we creating spiritual conflict in young people?

When we expose school-aged kids to complex, shocking, and suggestive sexual content and imagery that they are not emotionally or physically capable of processing … are we creating even deeper emotional instabilities?

As you read the Principal’s posting below, please keep all of this in mind? How did we ever get to this point?

Finally, note at the end of the post, that the clearly ‘woke’ principal, for some seemingly un-connected reason, gives dutiful homage to the school’s new “climate” czar. Seriously?

But in reality, it is all perfectly connected. As I mentioned on my February 13 podcast, schools  no longer exist to educate students. Whether it’s the religion of climate change, social equity, or sexual promiscuousness, school districts have become little more than political and money laundering operations to distribute jobs and wealth to their left-wing cronies … with the intentional goal of imposing non-academic cultural narratives on what they hope will be the next generation of progressive activists!

Are we reaping the consequences of years of perverse teachings?



Important Message for Veterans School Parents
February 16, 2023
As you may have heard, this week we have had a truly dramatic increase in the frequency of physical altercations at school. It appears that each incident was discreetly initiated and promoted in advance by a few groups of students over popular social media sites.
We already have a zero tolerance stance on fighting, but it has become apparent that more significant measures and consequences for fighting are immediately necessary. When students engage in fighting in, to, or from school,…
– We already typically file charges on each participant with the Warwick Police Department (something we have done this all year). This means that such students are formally charged and assigned a court date to appear before a judge.
– A combination of consequences that includes out-of-school suspension, in-school suspension, and a formal reinstatement hearing is already imposed. We are now dramatically increasing the number of those consequences, each time, even for first offenders, but especially for repeat offenders.
– Moving forward, students who participate now in fights at Vets will be considered ineligible for all social events for the remainder of the school year, to include any field trips, field day activities, and dances – to include the 8th grade social. We will only consider appeals to this restriction from students who demonstrate near perfect conduct for the remainder of the school year, and – even then – we plan to be stringent in allowing any such exceptions. If a student cannot demonstrate safety to others, then we cannot allow that child to risk harm to others at such activities and earned social events.
– Students who elect to record, share, or post any such incident electronically are considered active participants in the incident. Significant consequences will be imposed as a result. This is already the case, but we are increasing our emphasis on such problematic behavior.
– On Monday morning, just after we return from winter vacation, we will be holding a series of grade-level student assemblies to discuss this serious matter with students – and related changes above.
– We are taking a number of other steps to address the incidents such as the ones we encountered this week. We plan to share that information shortly.
Every child has the right to learn in a safe and comfortable setting. We will not tolerate anything less and will actively work with the Warwick Police Department to uncover evidence of any related behavior.
Parents, please join us in emphasizing with your child the importance of avoiding any role in physical violence at school – or on the way to and from school. Please share why it is critical not to instigate, participate in, or even remain in the immediate area of any kind of physical altercation. Please encourage your child to report discreetly any information that your child has and/or anything that makes your child ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable at school.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter. If you do not get a prompt response to an email, feel free to call the office and request to speak with me.
By the way, just this week, Mr. Lopardo joined our administrative team as an assistant principal of climate and culture. He has been a great addition and a tremendous help during a trying week.
Thank you, and I hope you are able to spend a great deal of time with your children over the winter break.
Joe Coffey
Veterans School Principal

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