What’s in… What’s out… 9/27/19

What’s in…

1. Boscov’s is in this week, opening Thursday for a charity opening to show off their new store and opening officially on Saturday.  Over 300 jobs will be there, and many are former Nordstrom employees. The advertisements look good, and I must say I will go to check it out myself. Name brands and discounts make it worth a trip. Plus a candy department to check out for my sweet tooth.  We all are missing Nordstrom’s, but we do wish the best for this new store and hope it can find a happy home here in Providence.

2. The Hope Point Tower cleared the  I-95 commission on Wednesday night, and it looks like it’s a go.  The proposed plan is for the new tower to sit at the west end of the new pedestrian bridge.  That bridge cost approximately $22 million instead of the original promo cost of $2 million.  Many have been delighted with the new pedestrian bridge and its beauty and access to a gorgeous view, but will they like the idea of a Hope Point Tower view?  This all seems to fit into a plan accordingly.  The opening of the new pedestrian bridge and the proposed location of the Hope Point Tower.  I’m all for new development and adding beauty to our city of Providence, but even I have some questions.  Just saying.

3. Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation’s “Illuminations of Life” is an amazing event that will open your heart and soul as we remember those who have fought the cancer battle and walk in their memory.  I will also carry a torch this year for my mom, Margaret Del Sesto, and two sisters, Jeanne and Susan, whom I have lost.  Join me and all of the survivors and their loved ones as we remember never to give up hope.  To donate click here:

Illuminations of Life Ceremony  October 5, 2019 @ 6PM

The Torch ceremony is a moving experience promoting awareness, encouraging support for families affected by breast cancer, and fostering a sense of giving – pay it forward

What’s out….

1. The vaping crisis has become the newest teen crisis. Governor Gina Raimondo announced on Wednesday afternoon a ban on flavored vaping.  She has instructed the Health department to set vaping regulations.  There are over 1,000 cases of mysterious vaping illnesses, and there have been 11 deaths across the country.   I have written about the dangers of vaping weeks ago and the source of the problem.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has dropped the ball on this one.  These restrictions and guidelines should have been installed years ago, when vaping first came in the scene.  As usual, our state and country are being reactive instead of proactive.  I don’t know if the flavored ban proposed by Governor Raimondo is enough.  Governor Charles Baker of Massachusetts has banned all vaping products for four months until some investigations are completed.  At this point, his executive order seems stronger and more concise.  There have been links to certain cannabis oils sold on the streets and the mysterious illnesses.  I think it’s time for the EPA and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to take further steps for the well being of our young people and all our people who use these products. Enough is enough.  The lobby is strong for vaping. Same as it was for smoking.  Deja vu.  As I have said before, vaping is now the new sub for smoking. Be warned!

2. Matt Brown is organizing a new  progressive group to run for General Assembly seats.  Watch out Senate President Domenick Ruggerio and Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, there’s a new group in town. Brown’s group plans to take on incumbent Democrats in the upcoming 2020 General Assembly races.  The Providence Journal reports:

Their stated aim: “To win enough seats in the legislature to elect a new House Speaker and new Senate President and form a new governing majority.” …

Fourteen of a promised 25 candidates for the General Assembly, and for a handful of city council seats, introduced themselves Wednesday as members of the new “RI Political Cooperative,” co-chaired by former Secretary of State Matt Brown, former Sen. Jeanine Calkin and 2018 Senate candidate Jennifer Rourke.

The action by former Secretary of State Matt Brown will certainly add to the existing division of the Democratic Party.  There is no more unity in the Democratic Party anymore and no respect for the institution of incumbency. Everyone has indeed the right to run, but at some point, the ramifications of party splits can endanger the party.  This is all because of the weak Republican Party in this state, one that cannot compete with the Democratic Party, therefore leaving the Democratic Party to be powerful enough to split in two.

What is ironic now is that the new Democratic progressives called “RI Political Cooperative “are forming their own party structure, and departing from traditional Democratic status.”  How can this be good for the Democratic Party? It can’t.  Democrats will see traditional Democrats leaving the party to become Independents.  A whole new restructure of the Democratic Party needs to be re-evaluated and revamped before it’s too late, one that is comparable to all RI Democrats.  But the ““good old boys” won’t want that.  They believe in status quo, and for that the whole Democratic Party and it’s original beliefs will suffer.  That is a sad commentary for our state.

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