WHITLOCK: Americans Finally Learning How to Win the Woke War

EDITOR’S NOTE: For months on his In The Dugout video podcast on this website, Mike Stenhouse has argued that the fanaticism of the Transgender-19 movement (TG-19 virus) will be defeated if we, as Christians and Americans who value the truth, stand together and refuse to enable the delusional beliefs of others, while holding accountable those public officials and institutions that mindlessly advance the extreme woke religion. 

In recent months, common-sense Americans started pushing back … and started winning!

The column below by black culture warrior, Jason Whitlock, perfectly exemplifies why we need to see more of this pushback of from our elected representatives at all levels of government.


By JASON WHITLOCK, originally published on BlazeMedia
The destruction of Bud Light destroyed Pride Month.
We should all take a bow. We claimed another important victory in the culture war. It’s the second major victory in a calendar year. Last June, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, ending federalized abortion-on-demand.
I have to admit, I’m a bit shocked. I had turned rather cynical and defeatist. Satan conquers the mind and then the body. The forces of evil and immorality want us to believe defeat is inevitable. It is not. Pride Month proves it.
We are six days into the secular holiday of Pride, and so far, it is easily the most understated and quiet kickoff to Pride in a decade.
The corporate commercial campaign that usually accompanies this month has retreated. Major corporations fear provoking a Bud Light backlash.
On April 1, transgender conman Dylan Mulvaney posted a video on Instagram showing a Bud Light can featuring his image and celebrating his “girlhood.”
The post triggered immediate outrage and anger among conservatives tired of corporate-sponsored LGBTQIA+ activism. Singers Kid Rock and Travis Tritt displayed public outrage.
Conservative social media influencers called for a boycott of Bud Light. Anheuser-Busch stock immediately plummeted.
Beer-drinkers stopped buying Bud. The boycott has cost Anheuser stockholders roughly $15 billion.
A month later, retailer Target faced a similar boycott backlash after unveiling “tuck-friendly” swimwear for kids.
Again, I’m shocked. Christians and conservatives have finally figured out an effective way of fighting back in the culture war.
Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has provided traditional Americans a way to mobilize, organize, and push back against progressives and their Alphabet Mafia.
I expected this June to be filled with more culture-war fireworks. They haven’t materialized because the Alphabet soldiers are running scared. Corporate brands are relatively silent during this Pride Month.
Yesterday, the Daily Digital ran a story detailing how many major brands have fallen silent this Pride Month via social media when in previous years their feeds were filled with “rainbow” messaging.
This war is not over. But at least now we’ve learned how to fight back. That’s the critical element of any war. Protesting in the streets is not effective.
Any public protest involving Christians and/or conservatives will be branded as racist or nationalist.
The FBI will plant informants at the rally, label them “Oath Keepers” or “Proud Boys,” and instruct corporate media shills at Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN to report about the “white supremacists” who organized an insurrection.
Organized, online boycotts are our best weapon. That’s our pivot. They will pivot, too. That’s what happens in war: s**t rolls downhill. That means more pressure on Alphabet foot soldiers. I’ll give you an example:
Yesterday, ESPN broadcaster Jalen Rose, a former NBA basketball star, interviewed Billy Porter, the flamboyant, cross-dressing actor. Rose positioned Porter as a courageous freedom-fighter.
Rose is a puppet for ESPN/Disney and other corporate brands. Corporations will send their individual soldiers to the frontlines of the LGBTQ war.
At the moment, it’s too high-risk for a major corporation to fly the Pride flag prominently.
It could trigger a boycott. Instead, corporations will gently nudge individual soldiers to storm the beaches.
It’s all very subtle and clever. ESPN/Disney is in the process of laying off thousands of employees. An overpriced underachiever such as Rose is very vulnerable.
Rose’s agency and handlers have instructed him on the best strategy to win favor at Disney: swallowing every inch of the Pride flag pole.
Rose is like a lot of past-their-prime entertainers. He has no discernible, marketable skill. He’s not particularly bright. He adds no real value to ESPN.
He’s addicted to fame and celebrity privilege. There is nothing he’s unwilling to do to protect his celebrity status.
Bending over for Billy Porter is light work.
The Alphabet Mafia is going to emasculate every man who stands with it. This will be another victory for the men and women who choose to stand with God. We get to keep our bats and balls.
I entered this month dejected and gloomy. One week into it, my optimism has returned. The other side lacks the courage for its alleged convictions. Corporate support for the LGBTQ is solely tied to money.
The shareholders and owners are not willing to sacrifice a drop of market share to proclaim their belief that Dylan Mulvaney is a woman and that kids need gender-mutilating health care.

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