Raimondo Rips out Goalposts Altogether as Governors Carefully Disregard Most Important Datapoint


As you probably know, the original justification for the COVID-19 lockdown was to prevent the overwhelming of hospitals. This never happened; not in Rhode Island nor in any state other than hotspot New York (where it got close); not even at the height of the pandemic.  Click here to view Justin Katz’ latest, very informative tracking graph of COVID-19 trends in Rhode Island.  You’ll note that hospitalizations in Rhode Island, in fact, peaked THREE WHOLE MONTHS AGO.

Keep this critical piece of information in mind as we move now to Rhode Island’s COVID-19 press conference yesterday.  At it, Governor Raimondo made several disturbing announcements, including new restrictions on bars; new benchmarks for school re-openings which will keep Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls schools closed; and a warning that she would impose additional restrictions on beaches and restaurants if Rhode Islanders didn’t get “really serious” about social distancing.

One of her shortest statements was also perhaps her most disturbing one.  Governor Raimondo yesterday effectively extended her highly destructive lockdown of Rhode Island indefinitely by noting that overwhelming of the hospitals COULD still happen if we do not comply and stay locked down.  If her new metric is to prevent something that MIGHT happen – even though it didn’t even happen at the height of the pandemic – that means the lockdown never ends.  This isn’t a shifting of the goalposts, it’s ripping them out completely.

Meanwhile, the lockdown has started taking a serious toll; in deaths (US deaths; also here; worldwide deaths) and on people’s lives via the devastated economy.  (As of this morning, total new unemployment claims hits 55,000,000; holy moses, the destruction.)

Governor Raimondo and certain governors and mayors around the country have abandoned the original goal of the lockdown – preservation of hospitals – and have turned to citing secondary, narrowly focused metrics such as number of cases and positivity rates to justify the continuation of their lockdowns, their highly damaging decisions to keep K-12 schools closed and implement ludicrous interstate travel bans.

There is only one statistic that matters: the survival rate of the disease is over 99%.  No matter how many positive cases there are, this is immutable: over 99% of the people who get COVID-19 will survive.

I still refuse to look for a nefarious motive for their actions because, ultimately, all that matters is the action and its impact.  And, absolutely, the ending of the lockdown, which should have happened long before now, must include protection of our precious vulnerable populations.

I would simply note it is indisputable that by continuing their lockdowns, Governor Raimondo, Governor Baker and other lockdown governors are engaging in a massive, highly destructive over-reaction to COVID-19 as they studiously disregard the most important science and data – a 99%+ survival rate – pertaining to the disease.

  • Lou

    Can you imagine the reaction of these sheeple if Obama was responsible for the death of 1,000 Americans a day? I suggest it would be vastly different from the soft-pedaling we see above.

    • Justin Katz

      Nah. We’re not as ghoulish as y’all on the Left. Conservatives would have criticized a decision here or there, but we wouldn’t have imagined upending society to generate political talking points.

      Nice use of whataboutism to illustrate that the the hysteria is largely political, though.

      • Lou

        Interesting perspective from your limited, state-centric view. Do you think Gina is also responsible for the national response and the other 49 state’s “hysteria”? At what point do you accept the response failure is on national scale and place the blame where it belongs?

        • ShannonEntropy

          When Orange Man cancelled flights from China, the Left in general and Biden in particular called him “hysterical” and “racist”

          NOW you guys say he didn’t act fast enough or do enough

          If Trump cured C-19 you guys would be outraged cuz he’s putting health care providers out of work

          Friggin’ unbelievable… but that’s Trump Derangement Syndrome for ya

          • Lou

            You might want to lay off the Fox News, my friend. “None of the party’s congressional leaders and none of the Democratic candidates running for president have directly criticized that decision”:


            It was also very timely…NOT: “Azar declared a public health emergency for the novel coronavirus on Jan. 31, and announced the travel restrictions to and from China, effective Feb. 2.” Gee, banning flights after the pandemic had reached emergency status, how effective. “before it was imposed, 300,000 people came here from China in the previous month. So, the horse is out of the barn.”

            If you believe in the Orange Man, or anything he has to say, you’re not as smart as you think you are. Why don’t you post a link to where “Biden in particular called him “hysterical” and “racist”…in regard to this issue?

          • ShannonEntropy

            Sure… here ya go: https://fxn.ws/2PGzoV6

            BTW, the reason so many people rely on Fox is cuz you can be sure Rachel Maddow or Morning Joke Scarborough are never gonna report on the hypocrisy of their own people

          • Lou

            Nice try, only there’s no reference to or support for “When Orange Man cancelled flights from China, the Left in general and Biden in particular called him “hysterical” and “racist”

            From your own article: “Biden, on Wednesday, didn’t criticize the travel ban in any way, and instead accused Trump of “downplaying” the virus early on in remarks to Fox News.”

          • ShannonEntropy

            Also BTW… it’s Biden who’s the racist. Not that the MSM would ever let you know that:


          • Lou

            Maybe you’re just having a bad day, but you are 0-2. Linking to a Victor Davis Hanson article that doesn’t mention racism isn’t exactly proof positive of anything.

  • Lou

    The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 24, 2020