Rhode Island’s Very Own Green New Deal


How much more money can Rhode Island’s political class take from your pocket using green energy as an excuse?

The Ocean State has already signed on to the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), a cabal of Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states designed to foster a radical change (for the worse) to our economic well-being through costly green energy policies.

Indeed, this very well could be Rhode Island own version of the “Green New Deal,” driving costs higher and higher.

As the political class has conspired to drive the cost of energy and fuel up, real Rhode Island families are struggling.

Our state’s self-destructive energy policies represent an extraordinarily poor value for ratepayers, taxpayers, and for our state’s economy.

To make matters worse, like so many other big-government programs, insider developers are poised to profit off the backs of the average family and small business owners.

Nationally, the economy, jobs creation and incomes are growing. Yet, Rhode Island remains stagnant. Our state continually ranking in the bottom 10 on far too many national economic indexes.

Your family deserves more than the broken insider system, and frivolous “Green New Deals” that put the burden on you. Imagine an Ocean State where families had the freedom to achieve their hopes and dreams, it is only possible if you demand a state government works for the people instead of the radical special interests.

  • bagida’wewinini

    I’m providing a link for your readers. Sorry to interrupt your fact free rant. Doing nothing means accepting new realities and the costs associated with that policy Take a look at the sea level during a fairly normal November storm along with a high tide as I did today at Narragansett Beach. Doing nothing will devastate Rhode Islanders property and require more and more money to deal with the damage to infrastructure. We will hold the State’s politicians responsible if they listen to irresponsible and irrational positions like the one you are advocating.


  • Mike Stenhouse

    More facts coming in a report today by our Center. The TCI TAX will be bad news for the RI economy, with no corresponding environmental benefit.