10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 35 (Cianci and the Providence Mayoral Campaign)


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  • Max D

    Sam better be careful. If he accidentally clicked his heels every time he called someone conservative, it might happen. Do you think he knows he comes off as smug as does?

  • Guest

    Sam is so far left…and uninformed…that he probably sees Mao and Marx as conservatives.

  • joe bernstein

    Sam is a complete self deceiving fool.He likes to threaten committee members at gun hearings-Democrat members-he doesn't care about Republicans nor consider them humans-he isn't well received by the Democrats who aren't wild eyed radicals-it's a whole crew-Smiley,Regunberg,Jacobs,Ahlquist,Plain,Sgouros-they believe their own hype.More like tripe.
    I guess Sam hasn't noticed how the new House leadership has treated the progressives.
    Has Sam ever been anything but a student?A geology student at that.If I ever want some info on geodes,I'll be sure to ask him.

  • Guest 2

    Too bad none of the commentators wanted to discuss C Andrew Morse's part of this conversation. OK I guess there is not much to comment on. Cianci is really over. Bad segment for the wingmen. But C Andrew has more time in the state than Bell so he should know that the political landscape has moved on. To try and make this a right /left issue is foolish.

    • justinkatz

      Is Cianci over? He should be, absolutely. But RI's political class offers up so little by way of inspiration, that we're recycling oldies. Yeah, Bad Company is old news, but if there's nothing better to put on the radio, then that's what you go with.

  • Dan

    Sheldon Cooper sounds like a broken record: conservative machine politics… conservative machine politics… conservative machine politics. Andrew provided insight and commentary while his counterpart just spewed rehearsed propaganda. Nobody actually believes Providence Democrats and corrupt cronyists like Cianci are conservative except looney toon progressives.

    Does Sheldon Cooper have a real job? I don’t think anyone else on RIFuture is employed.

  • Guest

    Good point. Can anyone that out of touch actually hold a job? I mean, a real job…one that requires effort. Not the political appointee positions.

  • Tommy Cranston

    I still can't understand the extreme Left hatred to Buddy:
    He raises taxes
    He gives da unions sweetheart deals
    He slavishly funds the arts and useless non-profits
    He panders and grovels to transvestites and other sexual degenerates
    He participates in creating unsustainable pension deals
    He creates tons of unneeded crony positions for straphangers

    In what way is he not a progressive?