PC or PC? Vice President Goodwin Takes Out Restraining Order Against Smalanskas

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Has Providence College succumbed to political correctness?

Michael Smalanskas, who was recently the center of an open debate battle with progressive activists over a bulletin board he posted educating students about traditional Catholic marriage, has been barred from campus and has had a restraining order taken out against him by Vice President for Student Affairs Kristine Goodwin. Goodwin openly supported the progressive groups on campus, speaking at a rally following a diversity march in response to the display.

In her complaint against Smalanskas, Goodwin says that he looked at her for approximately five seconds or more during the commencement Mass. Further, she complains that Smalanskas called out her name to get her attention in a crowd following another Mass on Saturday, then telling her she should be ashamed of herself for her role in stoking a controversy that led to his being threatened with rape and murder by progressives. 

In the complaint, Goodwin writes, “While his words were not expressly threatening his actions toward me have escalated quickly.” Goodwin also complains about the student’s parents: “I am also afraid of Mr. Smalanskas’s parents, especially his father who has access to weapons.”  Smalanskas’s father is a police officer.

“Any reasonable person must conclude that this constitutes retaliation by Kristine Goodwin and Providence College. For months, her grave incompetence as Vice President for Student Affairs has been on display,” said Smalanskas. “Now, in what appears to be revenge tactics, she and the College have acted shamefully and recklessly. It’s high time the Dominicans regain control of their college or see it lost at the hands of a depraved administration.”


Smalanskas fears that he will no longer be able to work his summer job at the bookstore at Providence College. 

A request has been made to Providence College for comment, but there has been no response at the time of publication. 

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  • Wierzbicki

    I am appalled and disappointed that PC would approve of this action by Ms. Goodwin. A better solution would be to have a serious discussion about the teachings of Jesus Christ and whether the college wants to stand true to its Catholic tradition or yield to the Progressive movement. The entire community of Friars should address this issue asap. Their decision will affect the Catholic students deciding whether to to enroll at PC or at a school which is committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    • Brit

      I am appalled and disappointed that Michael Smalanskas has elevated his crusade against Providence and chosen to make it personal by choosing Goodwin as the target of his rage and venom. In the end, if they have not already, I am quite certain that the Dominicans, from the Provincial to the newest brother, will see that Smalanskas was clearly wrong in this case and is not acting as Christ would act.

      • Wierzbicki

        You missed the point of my comment, Brit. Read it carefully before you respond.

      • samton909

        What makes you think you know anything about what went on?

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I would wonder about the judge who entered this restraining order, but it has to be noted that they are passed out like water. It should also be noted that the order was allowed “ex parte”, without opportunity for objection. I expect there will be a “hearing” in 10 days. Meanwhile, it is in effect.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      “I would wonder about the judge who entered this restraining order”
      The judicial viewpoint on those restrained is “if you aren’t doing anything, it won’t harm you”

      • samton909

        To have a restraining order placed on you during a public debate, which assumes that you actually were doing something wrong, when you might not have done anything wrong at all, is a powerful tactic to denigrate someone. As far as we can tell, he looked at her and spoke to her. The characterization of all of this is in her head, not objectively determinable based on his acts. She might have been over dramatizing things, which SJW’s always do.

  • Cathy De

    A 5 second look deserves a restraining order? Come on Little Miss Snowflake, pull on your Big Girl panties and grow up! You should never have been put in a position of authority if you don’t know how to deal with controversy and listen to opposing view points.

    • Jordan Faust

      It was probably the red-faced screaming in front of the hundreds of guests of the college, all of whom were there for a celebration, that necessitated this. His behavior was obnoxious but what can you expect after the crusade he has been on for months. Good luck finding and holding a job Mike. People like you just don’t do very well in the world.

    • Renee B D

      Are you kidding? So men get to say and act in any way they wish toward women and another woman chooses to comment about “big girl pants”? Cathy, you need an education

  • Jordan Faust

    Clap clap clap clap clap. Good for Goodwin for finally standing up to this atrocious and obnoxious student. He has been goading her for months. He deserves whatever is coming to him.

  • PC Pat

    My family was within earshot of this spaceshot after Mass. He was out of control, angry and definitely stalking her in order to make a scene. For him to portray what he was doing as just being a matter of coincidence and then an urge to speak is nonsense. He was waiting for her and waiting to make a scene. People were appalled with his behavior. Goodwin just kept walking. She didn’t engage in the least with his antics. I give her a lot of credit. You people are drinking some crazy kind of Catholic koolaid if you think this man is the answer to your prayers. He is a jerk.

  • no_impressed

    Ms. Goodwin comes across as a dumb 11 year old. She is embarrassing and not worthy of a leadership position. The movie playing in her head is not true. Providence should use this opportunity to place her on a six month leave and then push her out the door. Turn this disaster into an opportunity and get rid of this weird, weird, lady.

    That does no condone the student’s behavior. To argue against gay marriage is idiotic, and he strikes me as a moron. Only the stupidity and juvenile drama of Ms. Goodwin makes him look somewhat sympathetic.

  • Leo

    You tender snowflakes should read the whole story before defending PC. He was threatened with gay rape when his board went up defending the Catholic teaching on marriage and recently had a death threat made to him at a PC reception from a student. The college’s response in both cases was anemic and took the sides of the aggressors. Goodwin is more concerned with LBGTQXYZ#@$@^ issues on campus rather than defending the truth of the Catholic faith. I would be ticked off too if this happened to me. Shanley never met with the kid to hear his side. All he is concerned with is Alumni donations.

    • Martin

      How exactly did the “college take the side of the aggressors”? Do you know Ms. Goodwin to be able to assess those with whom she is “more concerned”? I applaud Shanley for not meeting with this renegade, attention seeker. To me, this action is a signal of a strong administration that recognizes to whom it is accountable and for what. Go Friars. Good riddance Smalanskas.

      • Leo

        Martin, Fr. Shanley should act as priest first since that is what he was ordained for. Ms. Goodwin should support the Catholic faith over minority microaggressed students who act like thugs. Myself as a canon lawyer know that Church Law allows for both sides to be heard, so your applause of Fr. Shanley’s lack of charity to hear both sides of a story shows some sense of ignorance. Even bishop Tobin wrote a letter praising the young man’s courage. Its sad because I was trained by the Dominicans in Rome, so its sad to see PC go the way of the Jesuits. Why don’t you ask tenured professor Dr. Esolen who left PC last year because he defended the Church’s stance on marriage. Fr. Shanley did nothing when they protested outside of his office. Now he teaches at an authentically Catholic school.

  • Martin

    Let’s get this straight. Michael Smalanskas, by his own admission, couldn’t help but verbally attack VP Goodwin on the day before graduation, accusing her of “doing nothing”. Every report prior to this has document the things that the college did in fact do to protect him from having meetings to moving his housing to a different location to get him out of harm. Now he verbally accosts her in a public place and expects the world to have sympathy for him. Meanwhile, Goodwin, by all accounts, simply walked away from him and attempted to detach from an aggressive situation. What is a woman to do? She handled herself well. He deserved to be given the restraining order. In civilized society, people cannot publicly taunt people as they are executing their jobs and expect to get away with no punishment. Of course, one must wonder if Michael did this exactly to get this reaction so that he could engage once more with the press, which appears to be another new obsession of his.

    • samton909

      You people are looney. He speaks to her in public, therefore he “verbally attacked” her? No wonder people are starting to thing Providence College is some kind of home for nutcases.