Fall River’s Mayor Privatizes Trash Collection


Simply amazing! There’s actually an elected official someplace who doesn’t believe that the main purpose of government and the provision of public services is the well-compensated employment of public (labor union) employees.

Mayor Jasiel Correia also announced that he’s privatizing the city’s trash services, which will cost some city workers their jobs.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I have rental; property in Massachusetts. I get private dumpsters, which is allowed. They are $65.00 a month less than taking one from the city. Even at that, the city contracts it out to Waste Management. I recall that when the city operated it, one of their drivers was shot through the truck window for fooling around with someone’s wife. Lots of trouble there about “scrappers” picking up metal from the sidewalks. Apparently Waste Management figures that in their bid. I guess it has been determined (I don’t know by who) that when residents place metal on the side walk, it belongs to the city. So, the “scrappers” are stealing. An awful lot of unemployed guys make some kind of living picking up scrap iron. Scrap is down around $40.00 a ton these days.You can guess the price of scrap by looking at the size of the piles off Eddy St. The bigger the pile, the lower the price.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      At $40.00 a ton, the “scrappers” won’t take it. They can’t cover the gas to transport it. In recent memory, it was as high as $450.00 a ton. That tells you something about the state of China’s economy, they are the major buyers.