Gallison Received Legislative Grant Money; How Many Other Legislators Do Also?


The Providence Journal reports today that just-resigned Representative Ray Gallison was paid a salary from an organization that received a legislative grant every year. Note, by the way, that the numbers in the organization’s IRS filing don’t even add up.

The organization has for years been the recipient of a General Assembly-approved grant that helped pay the salaries of its two employees: Gallison and the late Leo DiMaio, the AEP’s founder and executive director.

The AEP’s filing with the IRS for 2014 says $64,666 in “tuition and expenses were paid for 44 students from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015,” and another $65,684 was paid in “professional fees and other payments to independent contractors.” With only $84,799 in revenue, and $14,479 in available cash it is not clear how that worked.

It comes across, minimally, as unfair and a conflict of interest that a legislator should receive taxpayer-funded legislative grant money. The sixty four million dollar question now is, how many others have also been receiving it?

  • guest

    Perhaps your “think tank” watchdogs should be looking at the these grants instead of birth certificates, phoney scandals and manipulation of unemployment statistics.

    • OceanStateCurrent

      We’ve done that. Of course, there’s only so much we can do and welcome any donations you’d like to send.

    • Max

      Pay attention much? This has been a contentious issue on this site and others for years.