UHIP Catastrophe: Governor Once Again Blaming Deloitte as “Real” Problem (Also, Chafee)


Yesterday on NBC 10’s Connect to the Capitol, Dan Jaenig asked Governor Gina Raimondo, among other topics, how the state dropped the UHIP ball. The governor started her response by taking a swipe at former Governor Lincoln Chafee, saying he signed a terrible contract with Deloitte. She then continued,

Under my watch, we hit the go button before it was ready. But I will say the real problem here is the company sold us a product that didn’t work.

This is not to defend Deloitte, which apparently has a mixed record with regard to such systems. But let’s be clear. It was you, Governor Raimondo, who gave the catastrophic order, for your own selfish political reasons, to launch an unready system. Accordingly, DO NOT BLAME FORD MOTORS FOR DELIVERING A DEFECTIVE CAR WHEN YOU ORDERED THEM TO REMOVE IT FROM THE ASSEMBLY LINE ONLY HALF WAY DOWN. And similarly for the aspersions you cast at Governor Chafee: the contract, good, bad or indifferent, is completely irrelevant if the manager who takes over the contract inexplicably orders production to be shut down well before the product is finished.

Everyone else – taxpayers and UHIP clients – but you, Madame Governor, is paying the high price for your catastrophic action. Please at least stop casting blame for it in desperate and absurd directions.

  • guest

    Don’t the other 49 states have the same welfare system? Does theirs work? Why can’t we use the same software etc.? Why can’t we just contract our needs to say MA or CT or NH? Would that have cost more than what is being paid now? It just looks like they are creating another fiefdom for the insider ruling class and doing a very poor job of it.

  • Ebeneezer Feroce

    If these “freeloaders” can’t get their “government handouts” you’d think those on the far-right would be celebrating. What gives? A free shot at Gina is too hard to pass on?