One-Trick Pony Commerce Corp Continues To Hand Out Tax Dollars in Lieu of Real Reform


The Providence Journal today has not one but two articles about more money handed out last night by the state E.D.C. … er, Commerce Corporation: $1.9 million in tax credits to A.T. Cross, purportedly to prevent them from leaving the state, and $750,000 in grants to seven (it looks like) entities – some of them for pretty quizzical uses, by the way.

What Rhode Island needs to bring businesses and jobs here is real reform to its business climate by easing up the regulatory and tax burden on businesses. But neither the Commerce Corporation nor its boss, Governor Gina Raimondo, are undertaking this critical work. They choose instead to pretend they are accomplishing economic development by handing out hard earned tax dollars.

No one who pays even a little attention is fooled. The Governor’s robotic mantra of “I’m focused on creating jobs jobs jobs” is completely hollow until she and her agency take concrete actions to back it up.

  • GaryM

    The “concrete action” is that lump of debris the Gov just threw at your head for asking a question.

    In view of the lack of any real business coming to RI, we are now reduced to bribing existing business to remain in the state. That’s how Progressives will ultimately define job creation.

  • oceanstater

    Gary, nothing to do with “progressives,” almost all the states bribe the companies to stay or to come, think of TN and VW or South Carolina and Boeing, Alabama ndNissan (I think) hardly “progressive” states, All this leaves middle class taxpayers paying more or getting less.
    I’m also a little troubled with selective objection to the subsidies, in this edition AT Cross and potential Superman building subsidies come in for objection, but apparently not about subsidizing Citizens Bank by building them another I-295 interchange ($3 million + pubic money) plus extending sewer lines, plus Johnston tax subsidy in order to reshuffle Citizens jobs from East Providence, Cranston, & Providence. At least we arguably have a societal interest in preserving our best architecture and making downtown Providence work better while the Citizens move means ugly sprawl, more traffic, and pollution.