ProJo Editorial Endorses RIPEC Education Findings


Many of us were shocked and bewildered when the Providence Journal’s editorial board inexplicably went all in on Governor Raimondo’s highly damaging tolls. We haven’t either forgiven or forgotten that the board pretended to fall for the patently lame reasons put out by the Governor to get her completely unnecessary, politically selfish toll program passed. The result since then is that some of us look askance and even skeptically at the ProJo’s editorials.

But credit where credit is due. In an editorial yesterday, they echoed the conclusions and brook-no-excuses sentiment of RIPEC’s recent report on education. For that, the ProJo’s editorial board should be applauded.

The data shows Rhode Island public schools generally plod along near the national average, while Massachusetts students consistently outperform those in most other states on national tests, and its schools overall are among the best in America. …

The RIPEC report stands as a useful guide to the differences of Massachusetts and Rhode Island education reform. We hope key policymakers read it, absorb it, and follow its key recommendations to move the Ocean State along.

  • bobwashburn

    Massachusetts moved from the middle of the US pack in K-12 education (where RI is now) when Bill Weld became MA governor in January 1991, and asked Senate President Tom Birmingham and Rep Mark Roosevelt to create a statewide plan for uniform coursework class by class, across the state, and a plan to increase teacher knowledge. While the teachers fought the MCAS tests, the results are the number one K-12 school systems across the land. And it doesn’t hurt that the MA state teacher unions are not strong at the state level.
    Where are the RI Welds, Birmimghams and Roosevelts???