Say NO to Radical Energy Scheme Rocketing Through The General Assembly


A full on assault against the average Rhode Island family is rocketing through the General Assembly. The Ocean State is quickly moving to put our own version of the Green New Deal into law. We need you to take action immediately to voice your opposition to it, before it is too late. Click here now to say NO to this far-left radical scheme from the land of make-believe.

This, along with the TCI Gas Tax, will paralyze our state. As we struggle to recover from the pandemic, it should be inconceivable that state lawmakers would choose NOW to consider an additional 30-40 cents per gallon gas tax increase or impose a radical, prohibitively expensive energy scheme.

Yet, the price of gasoline could soon rise (even more than it already has) if a new stealth carbon-tax scheme – the TCI Gas Tax – is implemented … a move that would necessarily increase costs on families and business, driving more people out of our state. The House of Representatives will vote on House Bill 5445 this Tuesday. This version of the state’s green new deal has already passed the RI Senate.

Even if you have contacted lawmakers already, we need you to take action again to oppose RI’s Green New Deal: Click here to contact lawmakers to say NO to the TCI Gas Tax and H5445, Rhode Island’s Green New Deal!

The simple form, once completed, will automatically send an email to the Governor and to legislative leaders telling them to reject the regional gasoline cap-and-trade scheme and RI’s Green New Deal.

Tell them today that you stand against these radical energy schemes. Thank you for taking action, and remember that your voice counts.

  • ShannonEntropy

    We must always “follow the science”

    You right-wingers always seem to “forget” that waaaay back in 2009, Al Gore accurately predicted that the polar ice caps would be totally melted by
    2014, and that all polar bears would by then be extinct, having sweated
    to death on the sun-soaked sandy shores of Antarctica:

    You also seem to forget that tiny Li’l Rhody, with just over a million residents, emits way more green house gases by April 1st than such eco-friendly giants like India and China do in a decade… and combined they have 3 billion citizens — that’s Billion with a “B” !!!

    So an extra half-buck a gallon is a small price to pay to save our planet. And maybe our leaders aren’t the bumbling morons this house bill H5445A makes it appear them to be. Maybe their brilliant but devious plan is to get all of us to move to China, where we can use the emissions-free electricity produced by their 165,300 coal-burning power plants.

    SCIENCE, people !!

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Howie Carr, today “And now Pay to Play (Mass Lt. Gov. Polito) has a nice oceanfront mansion, like her fellow climate crusaders Barack Obama and John Forbes Kerry, among countless others.” If they are so sure of rising water levels, why are they dropping millions for oceanfront property?