Testimony: DEM Must Consider Economics Before Buying Farmland


In this video, I speak out against a new scheme by the Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management to acquire farmland at a public comment forum held at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography on September 7, 2016.

With government increasingly influencing and controlling the means of production through myriad tax-credit, loan, and direct-subsidy schemes in a multitude of industries, the DEM farmland acquisition scheme, which will actually acquire and resell private property, is not based on any legitimate economic analysis — or any economic consideration at all.

Despite the fact that the state’s own Commerce Corporation demanded a RhodeMap RI–related mandate be inserted into the DEM plan, no economic justification was provided. The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity warned you about the dangers of RhodeMap RI; here is one place where the planners’ vision seems to be marching forward.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Just more of the Agrarian Myth, “the closer to the soil, the closer to God”. Sit around with real farmers and listen to discussion of what crops the government is subsidizing, and which they are not. Wouldn’t you have loved to be in corn when the government decided on ethanol gasoline. We almost starved the Mexican peasants with that one. No corn for their burritos.