Ben Watson, ex Patriots Star & Pro Life Champion: Value Every Life

“Keep pressing on until abortion is not only unthinkable, but for so many who think that it is necessary, it will no longer be necessary.”

Benjamin Watson, Former NFL football tight end

With the Super Bowl this Sunday, I thought it was only fitting to share with you remarks by pro-life champions on and off the field.

One unforgettable highlight of the March for Life was the surprise appearance of 2024 College Football National Championship winner, Coach Jim Harbaugh.

Despite the multiple inches of snow descending in D.C., Coach Harbaugh ignited the crowd with his impassioned words, emphasizing the importance of our collective commitment to the sanctity of life.

“It’s a great example that you’re setting. It’s testimony for the sanctity of life,” Coach Harbaugh remarked, echoing the sentiments of countless marchers who braved the elements to make their voices heard.

Additionally, we were honored to have Super Bowl 39 winner, Benjamin Watson, as our keynote speaker. His powerful message resonated deeply with all who attended, delivering a mandate for people to take home:

“Civic leaders, in the current climate of compromise, go back to your committees and your communities, and legislate for life and for justice. All of you frontline workers in pregnancy resource centers around the country – and other life affirming organizations – go back to your post knowing that every encounter is not simply about saving one child; you are saving generations.”

“And all you young people, with all of your energy and ingenuity, go back to your schools, and go back to your teams, and your churches – be leaders who are unashamed to stand for life. Keep pressing on.”


As we move forward, let’s heed the inspiring words of Coach Harbaugh and Benjamin Watson.

Together, let’s remain steadfast in our commitment to building a culture where every life is valued and protected.

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