RI’s Health Exchange Silver Lining, Dark Cloud

The Daily Caller’s Sarah Hurtubise lists ten states where ObamaCare is limiting choices for health insurance consumers. Reading through it, I’m reminded that one can see silver linings best from under the dark cloud. It isn’t surprising that Rhode Island’s health benefits exchange, HealthSourceRI, is relatively confident about its opening day: The state’s overbearing regulations and mandates had already driven out all but three insurers, for most purposes.

Welcome to Rhode Island, America!

House Republican Leader Brian Newberry on Trying to Make Law Through Mediation

Responding to Justin’s post on the “mediation” process underway in Rhode Island whose ultimate goal is supposedly a change in state pension law, Rhode Island House Republican Leader Brian Newberry offers:

“[I]t strikes me that it would be a complete abdication of our role as elected legislators to simply rubber stamp a compromise that had been agreed to by others – regardless of whether the compromise is in the best interests of those who elected us. On the other hand, even if we fully vet and debate any such compromise to the extent we alter it at all we are, by definition, changing the agreed to compromise which will leave one of the bargaining sides (or both) unhappy and feeling as though whatever deal they had agreed to had not been treated with good faith”.

Coventry Middle School: Real Violence Versus Toy Gun

An interesting comment to my post on the Coventry keychain suspension:

Well on Thursday my son who is in 6th grade at same school who might I add is 11.. Was stabbed with a pen which went through sweatshirt and draw blood and kicked and then she followed him to bathroom and waited outside for him from 11 yr old girl and guess what I was under understanding she was being suspended and asked if we wanted to press charges and we didn’t because I felt she just need some help and the correct punishment.. We’ll guess what she was back in that school on Friday and after hearing about this story I’m am so mad and feel let down from school system.. I now am setting up meeting with superintendent I’m outraged if we did this we wouldn’t have choices we would be in aci with felony charges what is wrong with this whole system…

Pension Lawsuit and Lawlessness in Rhode Island

I had to pause from folding laundry to make a comment when this Randal Edgar article came to mind. Think about this: the governor and the treasurer are preparing to enter into a settlement to modify a law duly passed by the people’s representatives in the General Assembly. By what authority?

If the law is constitutional, these two executives have no authority to modify it unilaterally. If it is unconstitutional, it should fall to the legislature to modify it. The governor and treasurer should not gain legislative power just because a judge prefers the outcome that way.

Let the people see the real consequences of the unions’ stranglehold.

Debt Ceiling and the Democrat Projo

So Congressional Republicans put forward a plan to fund government and not ObamaCare (we will fund if). Senate Democrats changed the bill to fund government and ObamaCare (we won’t fund unless). The president says he “will not negotiate.” And the Providence Journal gives its front page story this highly irresponsible lede: “House GOP rebels stand firm on pledge to shut down government over Obamacare.”

Not surprisingly, a conservative, James Taranto, has the more reasonable take:

What we have here is not a hostage situation but a classic Prisoner’s Dilemma. If both sides cooperate, the result is unsatisfactory. If both sides defect, the result is catastrophic.

What’s With “Bail-Ins”?

Glenn Reynolds wonders why there hasn’t been more press coverage of governments’ grabbing money from people’s private savings to pay down debt or strengthen banks. I wonder why governments don’t realize that economic health is built on predictable agreements and a sense that you get to keep what you earn.

Same-Sex Marriage (Again) and Dawson Hodgson as AG

This Twitter conversation may have run its course, but it seemed like a good first try at the “Longer Twitter” post type. @kevmcgreevy and I have been going back and forth about the import of same-sex marriage, having begun with my question of whether a politician’s being “only fiscally conservative” should really matter to full-on conservatives when it comes to choosing an attorney general. To jump right in and respond to the latest Tweet at that link:

Of course marriage is more than sex, but to redefine marriage to include people of the same sex, while still excluding parents and their children, is to make sex the critical, defining aspect, because relationships that would be incest, if they were sexual, can still entail all of the legal, financial, and mutual-care aspects captured in marriage.

(In theory, this will continue in the comment section.)

Introducing a New Post Type

The Current introduces the “Longer Twitter” post type, for content that would go on Twitter, but for which Twitter is inadequate.

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