DAILY SIGNAL: Why This Solar Company CEO Wants to Drill, Build Pipelines, and ‘Deploy All Types of Energy’

Drew Bond, co-founder and president of C3 Solutions, is a serial entrepreneur. Having founded several companies in the energy industry, he now leads an organization that helps conservatives counter the Left’s radical environmental ideas. “I would argue that many conservatives are, in fact, better environmentalists than many in the environmental community,” Bond tells The Daily […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Iran, Ukraine, and Trump Behind Closed Doors. Former EU Ambassador Tells All in New Book.

President Donald Trump’s greatest foreign policy achievement was the Abraham Accords advancing peace in the Middle East, says Gordon Sondland, who served as ambassador to the European Union under Trump. “I think the strategy behind the Abraham Accords was you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result,” Sondland says. The Abraham […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Anne Hathaway Calls Abortion ‘Another Word for Mercy’

Actress Anne Hathaway called abortion “mercy” on ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday. Hathaway joined the show’s all-female panel and shared her perspective on abortion, saying, “My own personal experience with abortion, and I don’t think we talk about this enough—abortion can be another word for ‘mercy.’” Hathaway added: “We know that no two pregnancies are […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘There Are Some Hills That Are Worth Dying on,’ Says Teacher Fired Over ‘Preferred’ Pronouns

Peter Vlaming believes words have power, a conviction that cost him his job. Vlaming was fired from his position teaching French at West Point High School in Virginia in 2018 for refusing to call a female student by male pronouns. Vlaming said he was essentially given the option to either “deny” his own “Christian belief, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Elon Musk Bought Twitter for $44 Billion. Now What?

It finally happened. After months of “maybe, maybe not,” Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. Now the question is, what happens next? In the past, Musk said he thought Twitter should follow the same free speech guidelines that exist within America’s public square, says Jake Denton, a research associate with The Heritage Foundation’s Tech […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Author Explains Why ‘Race Does Not Exist’ 

“Strictly speaking, race does not exist,” Fe Bencosme says. Bencosme, author of the new book “You Are Not Your Race: Embracing Our Shared Humanity in a Chaotic Age,” says she knows her writings on race will offend people, but the reality is “there’s no black race, there’s no white race, there’s no yellow or red […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Great Reset, Explained

Just a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world and prompted governments to impose draconian lockdowns, a group of global elites introduced what is known as the Global Reset. Championed by the World Economic Forum—host of the posh Davos, Switzerland, meeting for the jet-setting crowd—ideas connected to the Great Reset were embraced […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Why New GDP Report Showing Economic Growth Is Misleading

The U.S. economy grew by 2.6% in the third quarter of 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysisreport released Thursday. Compared with the gross domestic product figure from the second quarter, which showed the economy shrunk 0.6%, that appears to be solid economic growth. Not quite—according to EJ Antoni, a research fellow in […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Women of Iran Risk Their Lives for Freedom

Protesters shouting “women, life, freedom” are risking their lives in the streets of Iran.  For about 40 days now, men and women—many of them young women in high school and college—have taken to the streets to demand basic human rights being denied under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader under the Islamist regime.  The death […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Why This Graphic Artist Took Her Free Speech Case to Supreme Court

Colorado graphic artist Lorie Smith doesn’t want to be forced to create wedding websites for same-sex couples. “I’ve always been creative, I’ve always wanted to design for weddings, and I want to design and create for weddings in a way that’s consistent with God’s view of marriage,” Smith says. Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Men ‘Don’t Have to Act Like a Woman … to Be a Productive, Healthy Member of Society,’ Says Author of ‘Masculinity Manifesto’

When does a male quit being a boy and enter manhood? The answer has little to do with his age, Ryan Michler says. Michler, the host of the “Order of Man” podcast and author of the new book “The Masculinity Manifesto: How a Man Establishes Influence, Credibility, and Authority,” has a simple definition for when […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Here’s Why Xi Jinping Is Considered the ‘Most Powerful Chinese Dictator Since Mao’

The 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party wrapped up its weeklong, twice-a-decade meeting over the weekend with Chinese President Xi Jinping securing his third five-year term. “The third term was not a surprise at all [but] the extent to which he consolidated his power was,” Michael Cunningham, a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Fighting Woke Agenda, Tampon Maker Says ‘Only Women Can Have Periods’ 

When Macy Maxson began using her tampon-subscription company, Garnuu, as a platform to say that “only women can have periods,” somecalled her a liar. “A lot of people were saying that I was spreading lies to people,” Maxson told The Daily Signal on the “Problematic Women” podcast. Maxson said she received emails from individuals who […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Rhode Island Priest Rebukes Public School for Pornographic Books in Library

When the public high school in Westerly, Rhode Island, made available to students two books with pornographic content, the Rev. Giacomo Capoverdi sprang into action with more than a dozen other pastors. The books—“Gender Queer” and “Fun Home”—are not appropriate for high school students, according to a letter 14 clergy wrote to The Westerly Sun […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Former Thatcher Aide Explains Why Liz Truss Failed as Prime Minister of UK

Liz Truss resigned as prime minister of Great Britain on Thursday after just 45 days on the job. It’s possible that her predecessor and fellow Conservative Party member, Boris Johnson, will seize upon the moment and become prime minister of the United Kingdom again, just months after he resigned from the position, according to The […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Ulta Beauty Faces Ultra-Backlash for Giving Platform to Man Pretending to Be Woman

After cosmetics superstore Ulta Beauty released a podcast Oct. 13 featuring a biological male who “identifies” as a woman discussing “girlhood” and “motherhood,” real women are promising to boycott the brand. “I really think more women need to wake up to this nonsense,” wrote one Twitter user. “I think too many of us have stayed […]

DAILY SIGNAL: America’s Military Strength Is Declining. Here’s How to Fix It.

The U.S. military not only is weak overall but “at growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital national interests,” according to a new report from The Heritage Foundation. On Tuesday, Heritage released its 2023Index of U.S. Military Strength, a document of nearly 600 pages that assesses the strength […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Center for Rights of Abused Children Helps Kids Find Brighter Future

An astonishing 675,000 children are abused every year in America. Thousands of kids in foster care disappear in the course of a year. Some are missing for days or even weeks, and tragically, others are never found. Fortunately, there’s an organization committed to doing something about these problems and other issues related to child protection […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Former Trans Teen Launches Organization to Support Detransitioners

Chloe Cole began taking puberty blockers at 13. She was 15 when she had her breasts surgically removed. At 16, she detransitioned. Now, at the age of 18, she has become an activist and leading voice against children and youth “transitioning” to the opposite sex. Cole recently announced that she is launching an organization to […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Likely Is Nuclear War? Expert Explains Threat of Russia, North Korea

Russia has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. How serious are those threats? Is the United States prepared to respond in the face of a nuclear attack? And what role do China and North Korea play in the discussion of nuclear war? “We’ve been hearing threat after threat, nuclear threat after nuclear threat against […]

DAILY SIGNAL: One Woman’s Journey From White House to Launching a Makeup Brand Inspired by Women of the Bible

After working in the Trump administration, Hope Harvard moved home to South Carolina unsure of what the future held. After a night of crying out to God for direction in her life, she awakened with the idea to start a makeup line inspired by the women of the Bible, and Hope Beauty was born. Harvard […]

DAILY SIGNAL: American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce Fights Wokeness, the Left’s ESG Agenda

American corporations are increasingly taking sides on political issues—and it seems they’re often embracing socialist ideas rather than the free market. That’s led former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and others to create the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce. The group launched earlier this year to put the focus back on pro-business policies and limited […]

DAILY SIGNAL: For All Intents and Purposes, America Now Has No Southern Border

It was a Tuesday morning like any other in Del Rio, Texas. I stood a short distance from the Rio Grande and watched several illegal aliens board a Border Patrol van. Ten minutes later, about a mile down the road, I met a couple from Colombia who had just crossed the border from Mexico with […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Big Cases to Watch During New Supreme Court Term

The Supreme Court is back. The nine justices will be hearing several blockbuster cases this term and weighing in on everything from affirmative action to election districts and even a case that involves Californians’ access to bacon. “Last term was certainly a very big term with big cases,” Zack Smith, a legal fellow at The […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Study Uncovers Psychological Effects of Medication Abortions on Women

More than half of all abortions are medication, rather than surgical abortions, according to research by the nonprofit group Support After Abortion. Medication abortions are performed with pills that women usually take at home. According to a new study by Support After Abortion,a Florida-based organization that provides post-abortion resources to women across America and the world,many women who […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Childhood Experiences and Beliefs Can Shape Gender Identity

Children now are inundated from a young age with messages about sexuality and gender, the founders of the CHANGED Movement say, but those messages aren’t always positive. “What [society is] doing is not allowing children to really explore their sexuality before labeling them as LGBT or Q or anything else, and suggesting that at 7 […]

DAILY SIGNAL: St. Louis Pastor Confronts Progressive Culture: ‘You’re Either Going to Conform or You’re Going to Stand Out and Be Controversial’

Wes Martin is the lead pastor at Grace Church in St. Louis, where he’s led his congregation through the turbulent times of COVID-19 and some of the political debates that have shaped our society over the last couple of years. Martin spoke to The Daily Signal about his church’s mission and why he’s boldly confronting […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How 1 Small European Study Changed Transgender Medicine in US

What is the basis for the current aggressive transgender treatment for kids? Dr. Miriam Grossman, a child psychiatrist and author, says it’s rooted in a study done of 55 children in the Netherlands who suffered from gender dysphoria, and were given puberty blockers. But there are problems with how American doctors are using that study, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Breakdown of the Social Contract

Why is there so much division in America, and how is our society breaking down? R.R. Reno, editor of First Things and author of “Return of the Strong Gods: Nationalism, Populism, and the Future of the West,” joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the obligations of the elites, marijuana, and the future of religion […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Men Can Play Irreplaceable Role in Creating Culture of Life

Herbie Newell and his staff at Lifeline Children’s Services journey with many women through unplanned pregnancies. Over the years, Newell has come to see that “abortion isn’t about liberating women.” “It is the sexual ‘liberation’ of men,” he recently wrote for The Washington Stand. For too long, the role of men has been ignored or […]

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