Congressional Candidate Allen Waters Wants to Be Clear About His Biography

EDITOR’S NOTE: On the heels of the charges brought against US Congressman, Republican George Santos, for promoting and campaigning on a falsified personal biography; and with a Democrat candidate, John Goncalves, for the soon to be open US Congressional seat in Rhode Island’s 1st District caught constantly changing his personal biography … Democrat candidate for that same seat, Allen Waters, cleverly and clearly put forth his educational and career bio.

The Ocean State Current cannot confirm the accuracy of Waters’ bio, but present it below for your judgment:


By Allen Waters … I am sharing my educational and career bio with you.

Born in 1956, I am at least a 4th generation resident and native of Providence. My mother (1935) and father (1930) were born in Providence and my paternal grandmother was born in Providence in 1903. Her parents came from the French West Indies; Martinique, I have been told. I am a K-12 graduate of Providence Public Schools, K-8 at Gilbert Stuart School (I skipped 2nd grade) and I entered Classical High School in 1968, graduating in 1973.
I attended Boston University, 1973-1974, then URI in Kingston, RI, 1974 – 1977. My first son was born in July 1977, so I went to work and completed my required credits at the URI Extention. My second son was born in July 1981. I received a B.S. in Business Administration in May 1985. I started my career in financial services when I was hired by Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith in Providence in August 1982 and worked for a number of firms (See FINRA Brokercheck).

During my investment career, I founded Aquarius Capital Management, a fee-based asset management firm, with my partner in the late 80s, first as a partnership, then incorporated it. It was officially closed in 1996.

Currently, I receive Social Security income and I work, currently as a long-term substitute teacher at Nathan Bishop Middle School since January, mostly acting as an aide in a 6th-grade-contained classroom, and as needed. I am also a chauffeur for Sentinel Limo, Warwick, on call. Since 2015, I have been a Uber and Lyft driver, although I have not driven ride share since last November. When I was running for Congress in 2022, sometimes I would leave a campaign event, log on to Lyft, and make money.
Currently, I serve on the Board of Scandinavian Communities. Other non-profit boards I served on, some over 20 years ago, include Providence Country Day School, Rhode Island Black Heritage Society; Mashpee Public Library, Cape Cod Children’s Museum; Rhode Island Coalition for Minority Investment (ask Denise Barge), and Langston Hughes Center for the Arts and Education.
My children have been personal school choice: Bishop Feehan HS (’95), East Providence HS (’99), Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (’22), Bourne HS (’23), and La Salle Academy (’25?).
My grandfather, Reverend Allen Waters was born in the Eastern Shores of MD, the same county as Harriet Tubman, and they were alive for a while at the same time. While some of the minority candidates for Congress were born in other nations or are 1st generation Americans, my lineage goes back to the slave lands. I was born in the U.S.A, and we have problems in America that are not best suited for candidates with dual allegiance or sentimentalities. I am totally focused on the American homeland, and keeping Communism at bay. America first.
Allen R. Waters
Providence, RI 02907
Ward 11 – Upper South Providence & West End
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