Doc Skoly Sues RIDLT; Calls Out RI Foundation for Honoring “Dishonest” Alexander-Scott

Dr. Stephen Skoly expresses Surprise at RI Foundation’s Public Service honor of the ex RIDOH Director despite multiple mis-steps and dishonesty by her and Governor McKee

Recently, attorneys for Dr. Stephen Skoly (from the Washington, D.C. based New Civil Liberties Alliance and locally)  filed an amendment to his existing lawsuit against Governor Daniel McKee and the Rhode Island Department of Health, by adding the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training as a defendant.

After the RIDOH forced Skoly to shutter his surgical care practice, according to the amended lawsuit, RIDLT improperly denied him unemployment benefits. As further amended, Dr. Skoly’s first-Amendment rights were violated by a vindictive RIDOH, which suspended his practice as “a punishment for speaking publicly about the vaccine mandate.”

“It turned out to be a tragedy for Rhode Island that the RIDOH became more concerned about politics and control than it was about public health and science in its response to the pandemic,” stated Skoly, Chairman of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, who for decades was the sole provider to the state of Rhode Island to provide his oral and maxillofacial surgical care to wards of the state. “As documented by our Center, if you consider the major mistakes, failures, and harms that so many of us suffered through because of misguided recommendations by the RIDOH, it is difficult to accept that the RI Foundation would honor Nicole Alexander-Scott for its Public Service award tonight.”

Said one supporter of Dr. Skoly, “It makes me love him even more!! Dr. Skoly is ratcheting up his hero points at every turn.”

Because of Alexander-Scott’s “arbitrary” policies, Dr. Skoly was not allowed to care for his patients for over five months and was forced to lay-off his 12 person staff; this, in addition to the thousands of front-line responders who were denied the right to earn a living, as well as the unemployment benefits to which they were entitled, because of unconstitutional RIDOH mandates.

Dr. Skoly will provided updates on his lawsuit, his comments about Alexander-Scott, and his the re-opening of his practice with Mike Stenhouse this Friday at 4:00 PM EST on the popular In The Dugout show, which can be viewed at

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