Government That Primarily Seeks To Grow Itself

We know that that the high levels of taxation and over-regulation imposed for the sake of the state budget are the primary culprit in causing the Ocean State’s stagnant performance. Put another way, overspending by a government that primarily seeks to perpetuate and grow itself, actually works against the best-interests of the very people it is supposed to be serving. Instead of seeking to grow prosperity, government seeks to grow itself.
Despite the false hopes expressed by lawmakers based solely on a reduced unemployment rate, Rhode Island families are hurting. The Ocean State suffers under the worst business climate, and 48th rank on our Center’s Job’s & Opportunity IndexFurthermore, Rhode Island was the only state in New England to see its labor force decline in size in recent years, as hundreds of thousands of people have chosen to leave our state since 2004. This is not a recovery.
What is really in the best interests of Rhode Island families? If there’s a will, there’s a way. In its 2014 Spotlight on $pending report, as well as in its 2013 recommendations on how to pay for sales tax reduction and in its 2015 PayGo policy brief on how to pay for bridge and road repairs without imposing new tolls, the Center has suggested many items for reduction or elimination. Growing government is not the answer. The progressive “fair shot” agenda is really a “no shot” agenda.
For true prosperity to be realized – the size of government via budget spending must be cut, so that taxes can be decreased. The state budget should be constructed to reflect the opportunities we want for our people; it should not be the tool to restrict those opportunities. If only lawmakers were to realize that the culture of considering only the material needs of individuals has been harmful to the family unit, we could restore prosperity to our state. Your voice is powerful, and can change things in Rhode Island. It time to make things easier for our families.

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