The Budget: RI Government Seeks To Grow Itself, Not the Economy

Should the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of Rhode Island families be limited by an arbitrary, politically-driven budget number at the bottom of a spreadsheet? Unfortunately, our state is now suffering the consequences of such an approach, fueled by the progressive-left’s big-spending agenda.
The progressive approach has failed. Yet, for decades, politicians have practiced allegiance to the budget, as opposed to the allegiance they are sworn to uphold to the people of Rhode Island. It should now be clear that this progressive-left, big-spending agenda has failed those same Rhode Islanders. Indeed, the state budget itself, could be considered the enemy of the people!
Despite the false hope of an improving unemployment rate, in 2016 the Ocean State suffered the worst business climate, and in 2017 the 45th rank in family prosperity in the nation. Further, Rhode Island was the only state in New England to see its labor force decline in size in recent years, as hundreds of thousands of people have chosen to leave our state since 2004. This is not a recovery. The Center maintains that it is high levels of taxation and over-regulation imposed by the state budget that is the primary culprit in causing this unacceptable performance.
Put another way, overspending by a government that primarily seeks to perpetuate and grow itself, actually works against the best-interests of the very people it is supposed to be serving. Instead of seeking to grow prosperity, government seeks to grow itself.
It is a battle of visions. The progressive-left vision measures compassion and progress by how many people are enrolled in – and become dependent on – public assistance programs. Conversely, the Center believes that Rhode Island families can improve their quality of life and increase their level self-sufficiency only if more and better businesses are free to create more and better jobs! To realize this latter vision, spending must be cut so that taxes can be reduced.

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