COMING UP at 4:00 pm — TODAY ON OUR SHOW: Is he in truth, innocent?

In a story you will find nowhere else in the news, The Current provides continuing coverage of the intriguing and complex story of Josh Mello as he and his partner, Rachel Ware, join in a discussion with Sten.

Illicitly (and likely illegally) denied access to his daughter at school 2019 … the malicious actions of a Cranston school district bureaucrat has led to string of incidents that saw Josh hospitalized and charged with crimes … as well as his young daughter suffering emotional distress.

Not only did the Cranston School Committee and School District refuse to investigate the original administrative act, but Cranston school and law enforcement officials may have submitted false testimony in Josh’s trial last year.

The saga continues as the embattled and controversial Cranston father claims he is victim of a “web of injustices,” including the suppression and manipulation of evidence at his 2022 trial, as well as defense attorney incompetence.

With Rachel serving unofficially as his ‘para legal’, Josh is now representing himself and refuses to give up what they believe is a just cause. He recently filed a motion in RI Superior Court, based on overwhelming new evidence, to have his case and guilty verdicts remanded back to district court in Kent County for reconsideration.

Sten takes a close look at the new video and photographic evidence during this compelling interview … and you’ll find out if such evidence led to Josh’s motion being granted.

Mello is viewed by many to be an overly aggressive and unworthy figure for media coverage. However, after spending a significant amount of time in reviewing the evidence and understanding this story, The Current has determined that Josh Mello was not the instigating party in the many altercations that ensued since his rights were originally violated.

Whatever his image may be, every parent deserves that their rights are upheld, and no citizen deserves to be unjustly charged and prosecuted.

Also, on today’s show, the Boomer Zoomers are back from the Charlestown Senior Center with their views on “book banning” and the GOP leadership drama in the US House of Representatives.

All coming up LIVE Thursday at 4:00 PM … and then always on demand … right here at this link.


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