Josh Mello: a Father’s Courageous Stance Against Injustice

Below is an opinion piece by Josh Mello’s domestic partner, Rachel Ware.

The Ocean State Current has been chronicling many of the developments in this complex saga. The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls on the Cranston School Committee to conduct an investigation into the illicit administrative act – denying Mr. Mello his parental rights – that kicked of this entire chain of events in 2019. 

Further, our study of the video evidence in this case indicates that the Cranston Police Department may have acted inappropriately in the arrest and subsequent prosecution of Mello, as it appears that Josh Mello was not the instigator.

Break the Silence: Echo a Father’s Courageous Stand Against Injustice

In the heart of the city, a father’s love was about to collide with a hurricane of deception, leaving behind a trail of shattered trust and stolen moments. Mr. Mello, a name that would soon echo through the alleys of corruption, stood at the edge of a precipice, ready to leap into the abyss for the sake of his daughter. Strap in, because this is no fairy tale.

This is a brutal plunge into the twisted reality many dare not face. A father, stripped of his rights, crushed under the weight of false pretenses. A daughter, trapped in a web of manipulation, held hostage by the very person who should be her protector. Mr. Mello’s fight isn’t just against a broken system; it was a raw battle against a world that turned a blind eye to injustice.

It was a story of falsified documents, a cunning mother, and a school administration that wielded power like a sledgehammer. The tale unfolds with police misconduct, excessive force, and a courtroom where truth was twisted and perjury ran rampant.But amidst the chaos, there was fire in Mr. Mello’s eyes. He wasn’t just fighting for his daughter; he was fighting for YOU.

He was the embodiment of every voice silenced by corruption, every heart broken by lies. He stood tall, even as the world tried to tear him down, daring you to look past your scrolling, to recognize that this could be YOUR reality.With each courtroom showdown, each clash against deceit, Mr. Mello became a beacon of hope for those trapped in the shadows. He wasn’t just fighting for parental rights; he was fighting for a revolution.

He dared you to open your eyes, to break free from the chains of complacency, and to join the chorus demanding justice. So, don’t turn away. Don’t let these words slip through your fingers like sand. Feel the fire in every syllable, let the raw pain and unrelenting determination sear into your soul.

This isn’t just a story; it’s a call to arms. Will you scroll past, or will you stand up and say, “No more”? The choice is yours, but remember, one day, it could be your name etched into the annals of a battle against the shadows of injustice.

Read an exclusive in-dept article by a local and courageous independent journalist and former MLB player Mike Stenhouse:

Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent and detailed matter.


Rachel Ware

Parents’ Rights in Education, RI State Leader

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