Rhode Island’s Politicians Are Failing

For too long, the political class has failed the people of our state. At $888 per year for each of Rhode Island’s one million residents, a family of four is paying over $3,500 annually for excessive compensation deals for government workers, while the basic needs of their own families are being ignored by politicians.
With almost two-thirds of these excessive costs being heaped upon municipal taxpayers, our recent Public Union Excesses report further estimates that property taxes could be reduced by 25% if more reasonable, market-based collective bargaining agreements were negotiated.
The people of our state have lost trust in their government, and are tired of the betrayals from lawmakers who have forgotten them, and instead cater only to special-interest concerns. Legislators make it ever-harder for Rhode Islanders to take care of their families and reside in the Ocean State.
For these reasons, Rhode Island is not keeping pace with the rest of the nation when it comes to jobs and population growth. Our state ranks a dismal 47th on the Jobs & Opportunity Index developed by our Center. After ten years of perhaps the slowest economic recovery among all states, Rhode Island’s political leaders are failing on their promises to help the average family.
Things do not have to be this way in Rhode Island. There are common sense solutions to help the average family, but it is up to you to speak out against the broken status quo. It is up to each of us to change it.
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