UPDATE: Josh Mello’s Silent Protest vs Cranston Schools (see photos)

Josh Mello and his fiancé, Rachel, are still working on getting an investigation into how the Cranston School Department improperly removed his name from the ’emergency care card’ for his daughter, which subsequently led to a long train of incidents, resulting in Mello’s arrest.
The only official response they have received to their mulitple requests to the town and the school committee, was from the school committee chair, Dan Wall, who stated that since the principal involved  in the original 2019 incident retired earlier this year, an investigation is a moot point.
This bogus response is a clear attempt to evade the important central question, one which does not include the principal: Why did a different school administrator change the emergency care card without proper cause … and what procedures will be put in place to ensure that another travesty like this occurs in the future? Clearly an investigation is required.Further, it is the opinion of The Current that the retirement of an individual should preclude the need for an investigation?

Josh and Rachel have taken to silent protesting throughout the city of Cranston. Bringing awareness to the problems in the schools. Policies need to be changed, they claim. And the original 2019 incident needs to be investigated. They have created a Investigate Cranston Schools Facebook page with  interviews and other info there for folks who want to learn more. They claim a hand-full of folks stopped by their protests and asked them what their banner was about. They are hoping to compile stories from other families who may have had issues with the school department.

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