Coalition Efforts Stop The Progressive Bad Bill of the Week


Last week, we told you about a thorny issue that highlights the danger of the progressive-left’s agenda to control our lives through political correctness. I am pleased to report due to coalition efforts we were able to see the bill pulled from committee. House Bill H7150 is the epitome of how the irrational emotions of the progressive-left are now finding their way into actual legislation … and how they are attempting to legislate morality. In their land of make-believe, the poorly-written bill attempts to prevent discrimination in schools. In fact, any attempt to criminalize anti-political correctness or immorality, will inevitably cause more societal harms than it seeks to prevent.

Thank you to the coalition for stepping up after we highlighted the bill. I appeared on the Tara Granahan Show on WPRO to tell Rhode Islanders about this direct threat to free speech and free thought. The Gaspee Project helped send hundreds of emails from constituents right to their lawmakers. Activists took the fight to social media to say that this bill was misguided. This is the model that works.
How many more bills will we see directly from the Progressive Land of Make Believe this legislation session? This bill proves that your voice is powerful, and that these bills can be stopped.

  • guest

    I guess we should count our blessings for you, Mike (and let’s not forget talk radio and The Gaspee Project. ) Taking credit for killing a foolish bill that had NO chance to pass and likely little chance to garner more than 2 votes is a real feather in your cap. Are you that desperate to show the Koch’s that you are making some inroads here?

    By the way, the far-left has less of a history of trying to “legislate morality” than you and your allies on the far-right.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      ” the far-left has less of a history of trying to “legislate morality” ”

      I think one’s view on that is highly dependent on one’s view of “morality” and “immorality”

    • Raymond Carter

      The whole history of the Left, from 1789 on, has been totalitarianism, gulags, mass murder, mass murder, intramural bloody purges and societal collapse.

      • guest

        Rhett, point taken.

        Raymond, you may want to research your comments a little more carefully before posting starting with the Third Reich. Here’s a starting point:

        • Justin Katz

          You mean the National Socialists?

          • guest

            Yes, have you ever noticed that the labels that people assign to themselves (and others) aren’t necessarily reflective of their actions? As a frequent user of labels (how many references exist on this website alone?) to try and define your opponents, I think you will agree. For example, check out the President’s tweets and their negligible correlation to reality.

      • Christopher C. Reed

        Nonsense. It’s been a March of Progress, a Great Leap Forward for mankind, racking up brilliant successes even today in Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, Russia, China…ooops.