Liberty Bytes: Michael Smalanskas Under PC Fire at PC


  • Jordan Faust

    Is the march against Mike or is it actually against homophobia? You are twisting things. Liberty certainly does bite.

    • Bill

      I believe according to an article that the march was organized in response to his bulletin board postings.

      • Jordan Faust

        If we believe the organizers of the march then the aim is cry out against homophobia and transphobia. Do you think the bulletin board was homophobic?

  • Bill

    What an impressive PC gentleman! God bless you!

  • It is the insignificant things we complain about when there is nothing of significance to attack.

  • The heterophobia at Providence College is palpable. The gay privilege is evident.

  • Tom

    Worcester dodged a bullet when this guy left.

  • ritpg

    Isn’t it sad that Catholic universities like Providence College lack the courage – much less the faith – to stand up for the doctrine they claim to profess. I guess it’s safe to say Providence should no longer be considered a Catholic school. Not even by today’s reduced standard. For parents and grandparents who are looking for a Catholic school to send their kids to, I recommend you not look to Providence. That’s not to say there are no good professors at Providence who teach and stand up Catholic doctrine. But perhaps it’s time for them to show the courage – preferably, the faith – to stand up to Father Shanley and his misguided, fiscally driven policies toward students who do nothing more than profess what they are hopefully being taught in the classroom as well as toward students who try to stifle free speech and threaten those with whom they disagree. If the despicable behavior of the students attacking Michael Smalanskas is considered acceptable diversity by society in general, then we, as a country, are in serious trouble. While my kids have completed their educations, in keeping with Church doctrine, they’ve produced amazing grandchildren who will soon be looking for colleges to attend. At this point, when asked, Providence will be at the bottom of my list.

    One final point. As a Providence basketball fan, I feel I should apologize to coach Ed Cooley and his staff for the behavior of the school administration. I cannot support an athletic team that benefits an organization that no longer deserves my support. I’ve stopped watching and attending NFL games. There are better things I can do than watch PC basketball games to improve society and advance the Catholic doctrine to which I am committed.

  • Arcadia P

    When it comes to Christian doctrine the scriptures are very consistent and intentional in pointing to what is expected behavior and that which which is sinful. As far as I can deduce this man is stood for what Christian doctrine defends. Scripture has nothing to do with political correctness.