Gencarella – Small Steps on Smith Hill Don’t Match Mood of Disgruntled Residents


Excellent, detailed op-ed by Pam Gencarella in yesterday’s GoLocalProv which, at one point, echoes my thoughts. We are grateful that leadership at the State House is entertaining an ethics bill. But it is only one item on a long list of reforms that need to come to state government.

So while ethics reform and an audit of legislative grants may be the first steps in addressing the crisis in confidence that all Rhode Islanders are feeling, much, much more must be done before taxpayers will have any faith in this government. The Speaker, the Senate President and the Governor have a long row to hoe in attempts to win the hearts and minds of its citizens. The problem for them is there’s only about a month and a half left in which to make a dent in our battered psyche. The fortunate thing for us is that November is not that far off.