House Votes to Ban Use of EBT Cards at Strip Clubs, Casinos, Liquor Stores


Kudos to the R.I. House of Representatives for doing so. Obviously, if these tax dollars are being spent at such venues, they are not being spent for survival, as is and should be the intent. Any senator who votes against this bill must be asked why they support the complete squandering of tax dollars on highly questionable spending.

Once relegated to the pile of NGN (not going nowhere) Republican-sponsored bills at the State House, a proposed ban on the use of EBT cards at liquor stores, casinos and strip clubs won House approval Thursday on a 66-to-1 vote.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Two things are certain about casinos; every possible location for an ATM will be taken up, and every available pawn shop license will be taken 3 years before the casino opens. Years ago, the Boston Bankruptcy Trustee was noted for scrutinizing bank statements, looking for ATM withdrawals in Ledyard, CT.

  • oceanstater

    The law makes so much sense it passed!
    I am a little disturbed by the comments by the homeless advocate that there will be attempts to get around the law. That’s what happened at RIPTA where medicaid monthly passes were sometimes sold on the street at a discount until Federal oversight cracked down.
    Homelessness is a terrible problem and they should get some help to get into housing. But people getting taxpayer assistance should be advised and encouraged to follow the rules, even by advocates.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Just Great … now I won’t be able to use my EBT Card to get
    a lap dance at The Foxy Lady ??

    I can promise you that I will not take this sitting down !!

  • SurvivorWoman

    As someone who feels grateful for EBT food help, I find my card sacred. My card only works for food. IF mine had money options – I am given these funds in trust that I’ll use them appropriately for gas, cleaning things, life needs like medicine copay – to know that too, too many people use their money in our strapped state while funds are being cut, cut cut – needs regulation to limit and not treat this as a DEBIT card outside it’s purpose and rules to qualify to have this help! EBT is not for alcohol, smokes (yes, I smoke), casino etc. To even think of taking an EBT card to go “play” with while my amount is held down to small levels to eat each month makes me really angry.