The Truth on the Center’s Funding


Will this statement about the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s funding put a rest to attacks about our funding?

The vast majority of the Center’s funding is derived from almost 500 in-state private donors, who support our mission to see Rhode Islanders live and work in a freer society. The occasional grants the Center may be awarded from national foundations are earned via a competitive grant application process in support of policy initiatives conceived by the Center.

There is no regular source of funding to our Center from any out of state group that seeks to influence our operations.

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It is curious why our critics fail to understand that there are many, many concerned citizens in our state who share the Center’s free-enterprise vision. Such donors voluntarily choose to financially support our mission to put forth policy ideas to realize our vision to achieve increased freedom and prosperity, They, like us, believe that all citizens should be able to freely engage in a robust and honest public debate about such ideas.

The Center’s staff and Board of Directors make 100% of the decisions about which policy angles to pursue. We do not do the bidding of any outside group, however the interests of our Center and certain state and national foundations may occasionally overlap.

The answer to my question, above, is: of course not.  Dark allegations about our funding are not sincere.  They’re opportunistic slanders meant to belittle our work.  There will never be a satisfactory level of transparency, because progressives will insinuate we’re hiding something (while attacking our supporters to chase them away).

  • Christopher C. Reed

    You should figure out a way to funding from Soros, like the Antifagoons.

  • BasicCaruso

    And all those connections to ALEC? Total coincidence! Mike and crew would shill for these out-of-state corporate interests pro bono.
    More than 98% of ALEC’s revenues come from sources other than legislative dues, such as corporations, corporate trade groups, and corporate foundations..

    Although ALEC claims to take an ideological stance (of supposedly “Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty”), many of the model bills benefit the corporations whose agents write them, shape them, and/or vote to approve them.

  • guest

    So the “vast majority of the Center’s funding is derived from almost 500 in-state private donors”? You have danced around this one in the past. Are you now maintaining that not only are the majority of your donors in-state, but the actual dollars also?

  • Mike678

    Of course they aren’t sincere. Smears, fact-free rants and hypocrisy from the left are to be expected. It’s pretty much all they have…

  • Christopher C. Reed

    Actually, the really interesting question is how did countries as diverse as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, El Salvador, Colombia and Guatemala wind up in the grip of death squads.

  • Merle The Monster

    Likening your donors to the early supporters of the NAACP is ludicrous and insulting. Those who try to shape public policy while receiving tax free status should be more forthcoming about the sources of their funding so that the public can assess the sincerity of the message. The super wealthy can and do advertise themselves as caring and responsible in the public interest while doing the opposite. We the public should know if your message is your own or bought and paid for and as long as we have only your word, I for one would not trust unless there is verifiable information provided. Basically this latest statement is no different from any other that your group has made along the way. A whole lot of nothing.