Government-Distancing Can Help Keep Rhode Islanders Safe And At Work


We see the federal government considering bold ways to keep businesses running and money in people’s pockets. Here in Rhode Island, we’re calling on lawmakers to provide online sales tax relief to residents concerned about their physical and financial health.

Our state must do its part… The government-distancing we are recommending can help people remain at home and practice healthy social-distancing. Every sales tax dollar saved might be vitally important to families who are suffering a loss of income during these trying times.

If we really want to help the people of our state prosper despite the challenges being created by COVID-19, Rhode Islanders need government-distancing in this time of crisis.

To further incentivize people to follow government mandates and guidelines — to work, eat, and shop at home — especially the most vulnerable, and while the COVID-19 virus is still among us, the Center recommends a temporary suspension of the state’s Internet sales tax.

By suspending Internet sales taxes and separating itself from the shopping habits of Rhode Islanders, our government can create economic incentive to shop at home, which will lessen the frequency of the community spread of COVID-19. We all know that people will drive over state lines just to save sales tax dollars, so there is little question that people will also not drive away from their homes if it means saving money.

I encourage you to take action now by signing the petition being hosted by our new initiative Rhode Island Women for Freedom & Prosperity. Click on the link now. Your voice is powerful and can make a difference for the people of our state in this time of need.