How You Can Help Break the Union Grip that Contributed Mightily to Providence Education “Horror Show”

By now, you must have heard about the scathing Wall Street Journal editorial on the Providence school system. They didn’t hold back, and it is right in line with what our Center has been saying for years. It is a total embarrassment for teachers who truly care about educating kids.
The WSJ put blame on the powerful teachers unions as a key reason why students are not receiving the education they deserve.
The broken collective-bargaining process that controls the schools in our state – and unions that only care about money and power, not the well-being of our students – must be exposed.
Union bosses don’t want public employees, especially teachers, to know about their newly restored rights … because some workers may choose to leave the broken union system.
Last June, the Supreme Court’s landmark Janus ruling means union leaders can no longer automatically plunder the pocketbooks of public employees to fund the far-left union political agenda. And, it is our job to educate union members about their rights.
Last August, our Center launched its campaign to educate public servants about their restored First Amendment right to leave their union. But union leaders, along with their crony-friends in government, want to keep employees in the dark – and in their unions – at any cost.
Our Center just completed our first mailer to government workers. Overall, our campaign has had tremendous success in its first year, by some estimates we may have already costs Rhode Island Unions nearly $250,000 in dues.
You can make a difference! For every $50 you give, we can send a mailer to about 60 government employees with real information about their rights…with maybe 10-15 of such workers choosing to keep the $750 a year or so in dues for their own families… meaning union bosses will have about $750 less to spend on their progressive-left political agenda.

Please go to the Center’s donation page – – now to make a tax deductible donation. Thank you for your generous support.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    It is ancient political wisdom that “for every job you give, you buy five votes”. Accepting this as true, multiply the number of teachers by 5 and you have a very large, if not well informed, voting block.

  • Jimmy Adams

    Prohibit unions from donating money/lobbying any political party.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      It is a recent SCOTUS decision that corporations can donate as “free speech”. That being so, it seems hard to block unions.

      • Joe Smith

        Exactly right; and you often hear activists touting to overturn Citizens United because it’s all about the “Koch brothers” when unions are I believe a majority of the top 15 or so political spending organizations.

  • Christopher C. Reed

    I vaguely recall the ‘Citizens United’ was supposed to provide a path to muzzle…heh heh…the NRA. Then that pesky unintended consequences thing popped up.