Now California Seeks to Eliminate all US Locomotives!

PUBLISHER’S NOTE (Mike Stenhouse): The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has agreed to co-sign the national coalition letter to the EPA (see below). For years, the Center has raised awareness about the folly of the Electric Vehicle mandates proposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which, by law, our Ocean State must adhere […]

Major New Study Supports Center’s Green Energy Skepticism

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Ocean State Current and our RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity have published dozens of reports, columns, and interviews on the subject of energy policy for our Ocean State. A major new study by the Mackinac Center clearly supports our claims and recommendations over the past dozen years that wind and solar […]

Stenhouse ProJo OpEd: Time for RI Lawmakers to Face Reality & Decouple from CA’s EV Mandates

Originally published by the Providence Journal, March 10. 2024 as: Time for RI to drop use of California’s unattainable emissions mandate by Mike Stenhouse Guest columnist Ocean State lawmakers should follow the lead of the Biden administration and Connecticut and reconsider Rhode Island’s commitment to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and its costly and […]

Documentary: How Ocean Wind Farms Are Killing Whales

Originally published by MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER on Substack Why This Documentary May Save The Whales Filmmaker discovered high-decibel sonar levels while shooting “Thrown To The Wind,” about why the wind industry could make the North Atlantic Right Whales extinct. The increase in whale, dolphin, and other cetacean deaths off the East Coast of the United States […]

U.S. Turns to Child Labor in the Congo for EV Agenda

Originally published September 6 by The Daily Caller as: US Turns to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Therefore Child Labor, For EV Ambitions By Nick Pope In order to facilitate electric vehicle (EV) production, the U.S. is seeking to spend taxpayer dollars to develop cobalt supply chains from the Democratic Republic of the […]

3 New Studies Suggest “Global Warming” Alarmism is Unfounded

Originally published as:” NEW STUDIES SUGGEST ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ IS MOSTLY AN URBAN PHENOMENON SEPTEMBER 5, 2023 on by CAP ALLON A new PEER REVIWED study by 37 researchers from 18 countries has come to the conclusion that the global temperature record has been contaminated by urban warming biases. It also suggests that the most recent […]

Fisherman Group Blasts Corrupt Gov’t Environmental Agency; Quits its Advisory Role

The remaining members of the RI Fisherman’s Advisory Board (FAB) – after years of attempting to work with government officials in the approval process for offshore wind projects that must conform to federal guidelines and that would not harm the Ocean State’s vital fishing industry – yesterday threw up their arms in frustration and abruptly […]

100% of 1609 World Climate Scientists Agree – Climate Emergency is a Myth

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The narratives advancing global warming & climate change alarmism are quickly falling apart and are being exposed for their non-scientific conclusions and radical policy prescriptions. Yet Rhode Island lawmakers continue to push and pass legislation that does little-to-nothing to decrease carbon emissions, while imposing massive economic costs on residents as well as severe […]

It’s Not Just CRT, Trans, & Explicit Content – K-12 schools should stop brainwashing kids about climate change

K-12 schools need to stop brainwashing our kids on climate change Originally published by Betsy McCaughey on the New York Post, August 23, 2023  In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is requiring every public school participate in Climate Action Day.Stephen Yang Hammering K-12 school children nonstop about the dire effects of climate change, even in […]

How Extremist Climate Change Policies Burned Maui to the Ground

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Maui wildfires are proof that carbon zealotry can kill. Rhode Island has undertaken many of the same unachievable, economically destructive, and dangerous  policies. By Betsy McCaughey Zero carbon zealotry can be dangerous to your health. In fact, in the hands of government officials, it can kill. Ask the grieving families of Maui, […]

Facts Throw Cold Water on Left’s “Heat Wave” Claims

by Steven F. Hayward, originally published by the NY Post A heat wave this week in the Northern Hemisphere has set off the “climate crisis” cabal telling us that the end is nigh unless we hand over our car keys to Al Gore and John Kerry. “Record-breaking heat,” say the headlines, with eye-popping temperatures reported […]

Rhode Island adopting clean cars, trucks emissions policy

Democratic Gov. Dan McKee will adopt clean car and truck emissions standards to reduce greenhouse gases.

House GOP Leader Chippendale Responds to Governor McKee’s Green Energy Executive Order

Republican Caucus and House Minority Leader Michael Chippendale published the following statement regarding the Governor’s plan to adopt regulations for manufacturers selling cars to Rhode Island consumers: “The House Republican Caucus is on the record as being vehemently opposed to the Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council (EC4)—a group of unelected bureaucrats– being allowed to create […]

CCP “Confucius Institutes” in RI May Not Have Ended with Bryant University

It may be little known, but Bryant University is one of Rhode Island’s most “woke” institutions. Reality-based employees are fleeing the university in droves, not willing to endure the relentless attacks on their traditional cultural values. From forced pronouns, to constant white-shaming, to mandatory LGBTQIAP+ employee indoctrination training seminars … the once proud school has […]

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