Single-Payer Healthcare is an Assault on Families’ Rights to Make Personal Medical Decisions

Recently on the world stage, we’ve witnessed the unthinkable results of a government-controlled health care system in Great Britain. The tragic story of Charlie Gard’s death and his parents battle against a socialist health care system has broken the hearts of you, me, and people around the world. These young parents had their rights crushed by uncaring bureaucrats, who think they know how to run our lives better than we do.This is immoral. Families deserve better.  
The danger of single-payer coming to Rhode Island is very real. In 2017, progressive Representatives J. Aaron Regunberg, Edith Ajello, Gregg Amore, Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, and Moira Walsh sponsored House Bill 5069, which gives state-government control over our health care insurance industry. This bill would create a new agency that would automatically register residents in government health care and collect premiums from them, while setting prices for all doctors and other health care providers and forbidding private insurers from offering competing products … this will inevitably lead to Charlie Gard type death panels, where the government decides who receives treatment and who lives and dies.
Our Center has rated this bill a (-3), the worst possible rating, on our preliminary General Assembly Freedom Index.
Indeed, we need your support to protect parental rights in Rhode Island from an immoral government. Your voice is powerful, we need you to stand up for your family’s rights to make their own decisions. Your family’s health care is one of the most personal and important choices you can make. Don’t sit back on the sidelines and let the progressives win. This is a true battle of visions.
Click here now to sign the petition saying you don’t want government-controlled healthcare in Rhode Island. It takes just seconds … please act now!
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