Is Government Over-Reacting With Vape Bans?


Are the decisions by the governors of Rhode Island and Massachusetts to halt the sale of vaping products (which will destroy jobs and small businesses) fueled by solid research or inspired by politically-correct activism?

While we recognize that this may be a sensitive topic to some people, there are many pro-liberty arguments that can be made on why these vape bans are wrong. It is deeply concerning that Governor Raimondo used her office to unilaterally ban a class of products.

If we tolerate this ban, what product will be the next target?

This week the Center co-signed a national letter urging the Trump administration’s FDA not to proceed with its proposed regulatory crack-down on what many see as a burgeoning and life-saving industry.

A new post on the Ocean State Current from millennial writer Isaac Whitney gives four compelling arguments on why these bans will actually cause more harm than good.

Make sure to read them now!