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Did Scott MacKay Misinterpret His Own Data?

RIPR’s Scott MacKay tries to make the case that just because all parts of Providence used the master lever in the last two elections, it’s not any specific district. Also interesting is that no one has made the case that it’s just one part of the state that uses it. It’s used in all parts of the state, but let’s take another look at the data. What happens in presidential election years compared to mid-term elections? How is the master lever used then?

38 Studios Repayment

About a month ago, I wrote here about whether the 38 Studios bondholders should be repaid. At the time, I didn’t think so. In part because I believed the insurance would cover it, but later found out the policy is held by the bond buyers, not the state. Also because it was a moral obligation […]

Will Senate Regulate Their Own?

As Justin earlier noted, Senator Joshua Miller was recorded on camera and audio (possibly also to the dismay of Rep. Dickinson) saying an expletive to a person commenting about the Second Amendment. I don’t have anything to add there, but my question now is whether the Senate will look into it themselves. I wonder this […]

RI’s High Cost, Low Results Schools

Another report gave RI schools a bad grade for their schools, relative to spending. WPRI’s Dan McGowan covered it today and wrote that Educacation Week gave Rhode Island a D+ for student achievement. There are a couple places where RI students have improved in the last 10 years, like math achievement and advanced placement scores. But […]

MLB Banning Catcher Collisions

Major League Baseball has decided to ban the ability of a baserunner to intentionally collide with a catcher in an attempt to score a run. Personally, I’m in favor of this. It never made any sense to me. If people want to see those kinds of collisions, go watch football. A catcher is all geared […]

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