Gun Control Extremists Get it Wrong about Lewiston Maine Mass Murder

Originally published on The Daily Signal, as: 3 Absurd Claims About the Lewiston Shooting Made by Gun Control Activists Amy Swearer / @AmySwearer / Ann Coates / November 06, 2023 Here’s why gun control advocates are wrong in making three of their most egregious claims about the shooting rampage in Lewiston, Maine. Pictured: A police officer guards the ambulance entrance to […]

Attorneys general file amicus brief in support of handgun age requirement

Attorneys general file amicus brief to support the federal government’s prohibition of handgun and ammunition to those over 21 years of age.

RI Senator Urges Action to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

On Tuesday, April 25, the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on a number of 2nd Amendment bills. Senator Jessica De La Cruz urges a strong showing from the public by testifying in-person or via email. Details on the legislation and how you can take action can be found in the info-graphic below: […]

Hearings for Multiple Anti-2A Bills Scheduled to Start Monday

Wave Of Gun Control Bills Hitting the House Judiciary Committee Includes H5300 Which Bans Sale or Possession of Assault Weapons The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear nearly 30 gun bills starting Monday, April 17 at 2 p.m. While there are a handful of pro-gun bills, none of that legislation is expected to move. […]

2A Rights Violated by Presidential Fiat?

Gun control by Executive Order of the President of the United States? Just like that, our guaranteed, constitutional rights are diminished? by Richard August On March 14th The Wall Street Journal reported that President Biden “planned to sign” an executive order directing the FBI “to step up background checks of would-be gun buyers and take […]

North Kingstown to Become a New Anti-Gun Hotbed?

Originally printed in the February 16, 2023 edition of The Standard Times, as: “McKee doubles down on firearm misinformation” Apparently North Kingstown has joined Bristol and Warren as hotbeds of anti-gun sentiment. The leader of the Moms Demand Action group now sits on the town council. Moms Demand Action is a subsidiary of Everytown for […]

Representative Mike Chippendale Responds to the Continued Assault on RIers 2nd Amendment Rights

Watch the Representative’s interview on In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse by clicking here. Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to hold public officials accountable – The Ocean State Current has […]

Biden & Congress Seeking to Punish Firearms Manufacturers

The Mindset of Penalizing Firearms Manufacturers Financially Sets Dangerous Precedent Adams Arms President, Jason East compares the notion of holding automakers accountable for accidents caused by reckless drivers to recent legislative attempts which would hold firearms manufacturers accountable for the mindset of gun purchasers and any violence they create. He claims that two bills (currently […]

Former SCORI Justice, Robert Flanders, Disagrees w AG Neronha’s 2A Guidance

Former Associate Justice of the RI Supreme Court, Robert Flanders, says that current RI Attorney General, Peter Neronha, is “whistling past the graveyard … ” with regard to the AG’s interpretation of the June 2022 Bruen concealed carry Second Amendment ruling by the United States Supreme Court Flanders, In a compelling Wednesday interview with Mike […]

Trio of Rhode Island gun control bills headed to governor’s desk

A trio of Rhode Island gun control bills are headed to Gov. Dan McKee’s desk. The General Assembly passed the bills that would raise the age limits for purchasing guns and ammunition to age 21, ban carrying rifles and shotguns in public, and outlaw high-capacity magazines.

RI’s AMBASSADOR MIDDENDORF: After the Guns Were Removed, the Killing Fields Began

by J. William Middendorf / originally published on June 16, 2022 on The Daily Signal The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has over the years selected a number of winners for its J. William Middendorf Pillar of Freedom Award, named in honor of Ambassador J. William Middendorf, former Secretary of the Navy and current Heritage […]

OPINION: Orewellian Political Supremacists Are Back: Doublespeak Covid Strategy Now Applied to Mass Shootings

The political supremacists are back: Opportunists and self-anointed elitists, who know best of course, and who exploit almost every tragedy to impose their values on the rest of us. What George Orwell described as “doublespeak” by the Party (Big Brother), the pattern is the same when it comes to the most high profile issues of […]

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