Whitlock: Jim Brown, Unlike Bill Russell, was a Real Man & Hero

Originally published by Jason Whitlock, as: Unlike his peers and successors, Jim Brown refused to sell out Jim Brown never sold out. That’s his legacy. He couldn’t be bought or compromised. He epitomized the kind of masculinity America now rejects as toxic. Brown, 87, died on Friday. People will struggle to accurately define him. He’s […]

Sten Reacts to EcoRI’s Hit Piece on the Center (WATCH)

In this episode of Sten Reacts, he responds to the EcoRI hit piece against the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity.

4 More Major Companies Catch the “Full BUD LIGHT Woke” TG-19 Virus

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “WK-19 virus” and the “TG-19 virus” are terms created by The Ocean State Current to describe the viral nature of how the Woke and TransGender movements have spread and infected once common-sense populations and once business-minded organizations. The column below was originally published in the The Washington Stand, by Suzanne Bowdey, editorial […]

Fed: $15 Minimum Wage in Minneapolis Cost Jobs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Twin Cities Experiment Again Proves that Higher Minimum Wage Leads to Higher Unemployment . Cities all over the country are mandating that businesses raise their minimum wages. The claim is that minimum wages of $15, $20, or even $25 an hour are necessary for families to make ends meet. But studies have shown that minimum […]

Regular Marijuana Use Ruins Young Men’s Mental Health says Study

EDITOR’S NOTE: If young Rhode Islanders are not already dealing with enough emotional stress from what they are being taught in schools and from what they see on social media, television, or the life-like games they play … those who regularly use weed are apparently putting themselves at even great risk of emotional instability. The […]

Navigating Motherhood in Today’s Woke World (Video)

Happy Mother’s Day! Any strong and enduring culture must revere motherhood as the most sacred of all vocations. Cherish your mom, for “behind all of your own stories, is always your mother’s story” … Mitch Albom. Below is from the Family Policy Alliance: Being a mother is never easy, but being a mother in today’s […]

“Complete Vindication” as Fired Barrington Teachers Win Major Covid Settlement

Today, Barrington announced a resolution on litigation over the termination of three Barrington teachers who for did not follow their COVID-19 vaccination policy.

RI Secretary of State Amore to Address Partisan Org Embroiled in Vote Cheating Scandal

Rhode Island Secretary of State Gregg Amore is scheduled to speak this week at conference held by the Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) in Washington DC. As reported last month on The Current, Are RI Elections Officials Part of a National Scheme to Unfairly Tip the Scales Towards Democrats?, CEIR has recently been exposed as […]

RI Supreme Court Rules Against Joshua Nagle: Will Force Daughters to Take Banned Covid-19 Vaccine

Courts rule against, Joshua Nagle, the father who sought to protect his two daughters from being forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

CCP “Confucius Institutes” in RI May Not Have Ended with Bryant University

It may be little known, but Bryant University is one of Rhode Island’s most “woke” institutions. Reality-based employees are fleeing the university in droves, not willing to endure the relentless attacks on their traditional cultural values. From forced pronouns, to constant white-shaming, to mandatory LGBTQIAP+ employee indoctrination training seminars … the once proud school has […]

SPN’s Energy Czar Discusses the Truth About the Left’s Climate Change Agenda

The parent organization of The Ocean State Current, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity is a member of the State Policy Network, a national association of over 60 state-based “free market” think tanks. State Policy Network recently welcomed Amy O. Cooke as its Visiting Energy Policy Fellow. In this role, she will oversee the Energy Policy […]

Ruling Class “Political Supremacists” Extort Americans as did the Mafia

By J.B. Shurk, originally entitled: The Ruling Class’s Stalinist Purge. (“Political Surpemacists” is a phrase coined by Mike Stenhouse of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity) Like a hammer smashing anyone who seeks to “make America great,” the ruling class pounds Trump, his supporters, and now even Tucker Carlson. A “great America,” you see, is […]

Children Taught to Hate? A Disturbing Incident at the RI State House Abortion Debate

by Anthony D’Ellena, RI Chapter Leader for Turning Point USA, from his Twitter feed (@AnthonyDEllena) Today, I witnessed a deeply disturbing incident at the Rhode Island State House. While I was in the West Gallery watching the session, a woman and her young daughter, who couldn’t have been more than 6 years old, were also […]

Tucker: Is the Left winning the war to SILENCE dissent?

by America’s Future Incorporated The desperation of the consortium of political and corporate elites to silence truth and censor truth-tellers is crystal clear. This week Fox News pushed out its most influential voice and thereby sidelined one of the most powerful figures in contemporary American politics and culture. It’s not clear why the network “parted ways” […]

RI Senator Urges Action to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

On Tuesday, April 25, the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on a number of 2nd Amendment bills. Senator Jessica De La Cruz urges a strong showing from the public by testifying in-person or via email. Details on the legislation and how you can take action can be found in the info-graphic below: […]

The Left are the real extremists when it comes to abortion policy

Who really holds the extreme position on abortion? The Rhode Island House of Representatives will vote this coming Thursday, April 27, on a bill (2023 — H5006) that will allow for state taxpayer-funding for abortion-on-demand in Rhode Island, both through the state-managed Medicaid program and through state employee health benefits programs, by removing statutory prohibitions […]

VIDEO of Dr. Bostom’s Revealing Event Exposing the Absurdities of RI’s Covid Response

EVENT LIVESTREAM: Rhode Island’s Covid-19 Response: An Evidence Based Reexamination … April 20th 5:00pm, William Hall Library Cranston


On April 17, 1961 the Bay of Pigs fiasco commenced. That night Maurice and two other FBI agents sat with Charles watching with great apprehension the development of the landings in Playa Larga and the surrounding sites of “la Bahia de Cochinos”. Charles was worried. He remembered how the locals had been organized in enthusiastic […]

Hearings for Multiple Anti-2A Bills Scheduled to Start Monday

Wave Of Gun Control Bills Hitting the House Judiciary Committee Includes H5300 Which Bans Sale or Possession of Assault Weapons The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear nearly 30 gun bills starting Monday, April 17 at 2 p.m. While there are a handful of pro-gun bills, none of that legislation is expected to move. […]

Faithful Must Set Our Faces Like Flint and Not be Ashamed

What do we do about this evil? It’s Holy Week, it’s Easter week, and today is Holy Monday … it’s time for our FAITH to be raised in each one of us. So what can we do?

Local Parental Rights Lawsuit Gets “Friend of the Court” Brief from Major National Experts

On Friday, March 31 an Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) brief to The Supreme Court of Rhode Island was filed on Behalf of Joshua Nagel by University of Notre Dame Law Professor Gerard V. Bradley, and co-signed by “an international assembly of medical doctors, academic scientists, allied health professionals, and officers (past and present) of […]

Parents United RI Condemns Woke Lawmakers’ Opposition to Parental Rights Legislation

Parents United RI is deeply concerned by recent statements made by certain elected legislators, who used the official RI legislative website and social media accounts to announce their intention to oppose multiple bills – before they were even introduced to the RI House Education Committee.

RI Republicans Elect Three New Party Leaders

New Leadership Promises to Broaden the Party and Support Candidates Who Can Win WARWICK – The RI GOP elected three new leaders Saturday to re-build the state Republican party and to ensure a slate of qualified candidates for future elections. Joe Powers, who was unsuccessful last year in a bid for a Cranston state Senate […]

Are RI Elections Officials Part of a National Scheme to Unfairly Tip the Scales Towards Democrats?

RI is a member state in ERIC. Is it part of a partisan voter tracking scheme? Many states are fleeing after startling revelations. Emails from Rhode Island Elections Director show private voter data is being shared with partisan third-party groups.  It appears that Rhode Island may be part of a national scheme to identify, register, […]

The PUBLIC & Stenhouse submit testimony OVERWHELMINGLY in support of bill to repeal RIDE’s curricula mandate powers

The Ocean State Current has obtained the testimony below, as submitted earlier today by Mike Stenhouse from the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity …  **** March 23, 2023 TO:                         House Committee on Education FROM:                   Mike Stenhouse, CEO, RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity SUBJCET:             My […]

BREAKING: Is a Settlement Close in the Southwell v McKee School Mask Mandate Lawsuit?

Developing … The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against Governor Dan McKee and the RI Department of Health, among others, has informed The Ocean State Current that a major break in the case may be close at hand. Rich Southwell, one of over 3 dozen parent plaintiffs, was advised by their attorney, Gregory Piccirilli, that […]

Committee Hearing Wednesday as RI Citizens Speak Out to Restore Local Authority by Repealing RIDE’s Authority to Mandate Curricula

The RI House Education Committee will hear H5498 on Wednesday, March 22. In 2019, the Rhode Island General Assembly granted authority to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) to develop curricula for various subjects and mandate it to every school district in the state … removing authority from local school districts to determine what […]

Ocean State Current to Conduct PRESIDENTIAL TOWN HALL FORUM

The Ocean State Current will host a “town hall” style forum with U.S. Presidential candidate, Steve Laffey, this Friday, March 17, at 12:30 PM at the Chapel Grille restaurant in Cranston, Rhode Island. . Laffey, the former two-term mayor (2003-2007) of the city of Cranston, Rhode Island and 2006 Republican primary candidate for the U.S. […]

BREAKING: State of R.I. REJECTS Settlement Offer Put Forward by Judge in Southwell v. McKee School Mask Mandate Lawsuit

A settlement based on suggested guidelines put forth by Judge Jeffrey Lanphear of the Rhode Island Superior Court was rejected this morning by the State of Rhode Island after a behind-closed-doors meeting in chambers at the state courthouse. The plaintiffs were willing to accept the settlement, which would have effectively ended the Southwell v. McKee […]

Is “ERIC” Further Diminishing RI’s Election Integrity?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Recently, in an effort to increase public trust in their statewide elections and to protect the privacy of its voters, many states have abandoned ERIC … but the state of Rhode Island continues to spend taxpayer dollars to subscribe to this service, which recently has been exposed for its partisanship. Why? What is […]

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