Biden’s Political Suicide? Women’s Sports Ruined as ‘Gender Identity’ Inserted into Title IX

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Left’s assault on American families continues. During this Presidential election year, it is vital that common-sense, biology-believing Rhode Islanders speak out and put all elected officials and candidates on record as to whether or not they will work to repeal this bogus destruction of Title IX at the national, state, or local […]

Major New Study Supports Center’s Green Energy Skepticism

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Ocean State Current and our RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity have published dozens of reports, columns, and interviews on the subject of energy policy for our Ocean State. A major new study by the Mackinac Center clearly supports our claims and recommendations over the past dozen years that wind and solar […]

#Dontmesswithourkids Rally at The RI State House

The Ocean State Current presents it’s first ever Mini Documentary -“The Narrow Road and the Broad Road” Shot by Adam Carbone and Karen Iacobbo. In this eye-opening mini-documentary, join Adam as he reveals the truth behind the Don’t Mess With Our Kids rally at the Rhode Island State House, offering a conservative perspective often overlooked by mainstream narratives.

Israel And The Reality Of Sexual Violence In War

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of the Israel Law Center (Shurat HaDin) and Susan Seely of NA’AMAT-USA bring the facts to bear and webinar speakers lay out a plan of action to pursue and prosecute those responsible for the sexual atrocities carried out by Hamas on and following October 7th.

Sten Reacts: Trump’s Abortion Platform 2024

In this gripping episode, Sten delves deep into the tumultuous waters of the upcoming 2024 election, where Donald Trump’s influential presence looms large over both the LEFT and RIGHT of the political spectrums particularly with the heated abortion debate. His recent statements are causing a major upheaval, how will this change the election? You don’t want to miss it!

Stenhouse: Why McKee’s Budget Might Increase Smoking Deaths?

Another false government narrative … and this one might prove deadly. The debate over taxing e-cigarettes resumed in recent State House hearings on Governor Dan McKee’s proposed 2025 budget proposal, as radical anti-smoking advocacy groups, along with tyrants in our state government, have created yet another boogey-man that they are seeking to slay. Unfortunately, rather […]

Sten Reacts: Senator Mack & RIDE – Yes, indoctrinate!

In this episode, controversial RI state Senator Tiara Mack is back at it again trying to groom young students with sexually explicit content in K-12 schools. Sten reacts to her latest rant … and in the end … you’ll find out why he changed my mind and actually agree with her that we should indoctrinate students!

Yes, We Should Indoctrinate Students with Controversial Beliefs

The main argument goes, “If we can just save one student by providing a supportive environment …” This is the sentiment of those who advocate for the teaching of controversial and explicit belief systems in K-12 schools. After all, what’s a little divisiveness between believers and the many other students and parents who do not […]

Ken Block: Smoking Gun Reveals RIDOT’s Complicity in Washington Bridge Debacle

The content below was posted by former RI gubernatorial candidate and watchdog, Ken Block, on his X (Twitter) page on April 4. *** 𝕂𝕖𝕟 𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕔𝕜 @KenBlockRI The smoking gun It was only a matter of time. After many made numerous attempts to obtain documents from the Rhode Island DOT through open records requests, the truth […]

PC Affirms Catholic Teachings On Human Sexuality And Dignity Of LGBTQ Individuals

In a new statement to members of the Providence College community titled “Responding in Love & Respect,” President Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P. clarifies the direction that the college will take following an open letter from an angered LGBTQIA+  “collective” on campus.

Must watch video by VDH: Why the Left is Terrified of Donald Trump

Victor Davis Hanson on the continual false narratives, contrived by the Left and perpetrated on Americans by a corrupt and compliant media … and why they fear they would be held accountable under a second term of Donald Trump as President. Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean […]

The extreme financial costs of the lie ‘All Kids, All the Time’

Chariho is desperate for more of your money. Their stated motivation is the credo, “All kids…all the time.” This is a powerful appeal. Of course, we all want to support the kids. So, when anybody challenges their motivation, it becomes important for them, the biased government special interest apparatus, to attack and discredit the challenger. Right now, Superintendent Gina Picard and Chairman Catherine Guisti have their ire trained on me. The attacks do not bother me. However, it is important to me that you know the truth. Because the growing leviathan of Chariho is drowning people financially by pricing them out of their own homes.


Watch now as parents, students, experts, and everyday citizens hold our state government and the RI Department of Health accountable for their indefensible actions during the pandemic. Without any scientific, research, or historical basis, our elected officials and state agencies arbitrarily shut down our society, cost people their jobs, and unconstitutionally imposed testing, quarantine, mask, and vaccine mandates upon our citizenry.


Watch now as parents, students, experts, and everyday citizens hold our state government and the RI Department of Health accountable for their indefensible actions during the pandemic.

Doc Skoly RIDOH Testimony: “Tyranny” & “Pseudoscience” Must Never Happen Again

The testimony below was submitted by Dr. Stephen Skoly, the oral & facial surgeon whose practice was unconstitutionally shuttered by the RI Department of Health after it would not accept Skoly’s application – for medical reasons – to not comply with the State of Rhode Island’s misguided ‘healthcare worker’ vaccine mandate. The Friday March 15, […]

Fed Up Veterans Send Scathing Letter to Barrington Town Council

Below is the Open Letter to Barrington Town Council by the Barrington United Veterans Council Open Letter to the Barrington Town Council (3/13/24): The situation has become untenable. The Barrington United Veterans Council (BUVC) can no longer support or be affiliated with a local town government that openly disrespects and marginalizes its Veteran Community by […]

Sten Reacts: Cabrini

In this episode, Sten dives deep into the film “Cabrini,” offering a comprehensive review that covers everything from plot intricacies to standout performances. Whether you’ve seen the film or are considering it for your next movie night, Sten’s insightful analysis is sure to captivate and inform.

Stenhouse ProJo OpEd: Time for RI Lawmakers to Face Reality & Decouple from CA’s EV Mandates

Originally published by the Providence Journal, March 10. 2024 as: Time for RI to drop use of California’s unattainable emissions mandate by Mike Stenhouse Guest columnist Ocean State lawmakers should follow the lead of the Biden administration and Connecticut and reconsider Rhode Island’s commitment to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and its costly and […]

Court-ordered March 15 Public Forum May Expose Pseudo-Science of RIDOH’s School Mask Mandate Blunder

Rich Southwell, lead plaintiff, along with his over three-dozen co-plaintiffs in the school mask mandate lawsuit against Governor McKee and the RI Department of Health, are calling for the support of parents and concerned citizens at a court-ordered public hearing to be conducted by RIDOH on Friday morning, March 15.

Sten Reacts: His Big-League Baseball Highlights

A special and very personal Sten Reacts segment, where he talks about his own big-league baseball video highlights

Disturbing Details Emerge about Partner in URI’s K-12 Media Censorship Scam

According to the Foundation for Freedom Online, one of the recommended ‘media’ partners of the Courageous RI K-12 ‘media literacy’ scam has been exposed to be an overtly partisan operation that seeks to not only censor, but also to bankrupt, conservative news outlets.

171 Devastating Comments Calling for the Resignation of RIDE Commissioner Angelica Infante Green

Current Staff Support local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to hold public officials accountable – The Ocean State Current has become the choice of parents and citizens who value honest and fearless reporting. […]

UPDATE: State Rep. Newberry and MRC Attorney Issues Statements Ripping URI’s Media Literacy Scam

Courageous RI is the collusion between federal and state actors to indoctrinate K-12 students, by censoring information they receive in classrooms, under the faux guise of ‘media literacy’ education. It is known to include state government agencies, federal agencies in the state, local advocacy groups, and nonprofits like the RI Foundation.

Russia Collusion Hoax Was Far Worse Than Watergate

Former Rolling Stone Editor Details the Top Conspirators Who Escaped Accountability in the Russian Collusion Hoax; By Matt Vespa, Feb 16, 2024 on  Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag have done an excellent job reporting on the new trove of documents and reports concerning how the intelligence community ran an illegal spy operation […]

Public Polls Show Overwhelming Opposition to Transgender Agenda

Six public opinion polls conducted in 2023 show that a majority of Americans oppose transgender policies that are targeted to children and youth. The information below was derived from a Feb 14 media release by SAVE, a national organization dedicated to assuring fairness and due process in schools. **** Public Opposition Mounts As Media Accounts […]

Gender Ideology Clash: Transgender De-transitioner’s Stirring Talk Ignites Debate

Ignorance or evil? Gender ideologues fail to disrupt a transformative talk by transgender de-transitioner, Katie Anderson, at Paul Cuffee Middle School. A debate breaks out on the societal implications of progressive ideas, as a confrontation with a young gender-captive ideologue prompts pragmatic solutions to contentious issues, urging for truth and compassion in societal discourse.

Ben Watson, ex Patriots Star & Pro Life Champion: Value Every Life

“Keep pressing on until abortion is not only unthinkable, but for so many who think that it is necessary, it will no longer be necessary.” Benjamin Watson, Former NFL football tight end With the Super Bowl this Sunday, I thought it was only fitting to share with you remarks by pro-life champions on and off […]

A Common-Sense Energy Freedom Resolution for our Ocean State

Rhode Island lawmakers and agency bureaucrats have crafted an energy strategy and related policies that are not reflective of reality: The much ballyhooed state goal of becoming the first “net zero” carbon emissions state in America by 2050. Given current technology, such “green” ambitions are impossible to achieve from a production capacity perspective, would severely […]

“Science” Shows Left-wing Tyranny Derives from Low Intellect and Psycopathy

This post was derived from an oped by Connor Boyack, President of the libertarian think tank, the Libertas Institute, and founder of the Tuttle Twins book series. If you follow Dr Jordan Peterson, you may have heard that for the first time, research on left-wing authoritarianism is finally being organized and published. The messaging by […]

Embattled Father Josh Mello Sues Cranston Officials for Millions

In November 2023, two lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island by embattled father Joshua Mello, whose story has been previously covered by the Current. Mello alleges that his constitutional rights were violated in criminal proceedings stemming from a 2021 arrest where he was found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying prohibited weapons other than a firearm. The claims made by Mello are being denied by the defendants, school officials and police officers, who have called for the case to be dismissed.

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