UPDATE: State Rep. Newberry and MRC Attorney Issues Statements Ripping URI’s Media Literacy Scam

As previously reported by The Ocean State Current, both in print and via video interviews, the depth and breadth of URI’s media literacy’ scam is becoming more clear.

NEW UPDATE (click here): Read this highly disturbing column by a teacher who actually took the CourageousRI training courses!

Named Courageous RI, the collusion between federal and state actors to indoctrinate K-12 students, by censoring information they receive in classrooms, under the faux guise of ‘media literacy’ education, is known to include state government agencies, federal agencies in the state, local advocacy groups, and nonprofits like the RI Foundation, headed by former US Congressman, David Cicilline.

On February 6, two prominent players in this scandal issued statements to The Current.

Said State Representative Brian C. Newberry, a former House Minority Leader and an attorney, “I participated in the launch event one year ago upon being asked because I think the issue of media literacy and educating our children how to sift fact from fiction is important, but I issued several warnings about how this program, while appealing in concept, could go off the rails if not managed properly. Unfortunately, and to my disappointment, though not surprise, the partisanship, censorship, and bias that has been infused by the Courageous RI leadership proves that this program is not worthy of, nor legally defensible for, any government entity to support in any way.”

Added Tim Kilcullen, the attorney for MRC who wrote the bombshell national reports that exposed the scheme, “I share Representative Newberry’s horror that the Biden administration is using ‘Courageous RI’ to pay children to lobby for censorship on social media. What URI’s Media Education Lab, and openly supported by David Cicilline, is doing with ‘Courageous RI’ in Rhode Island schools is a perfect example of why the United States House of Representatives has voted to defund the Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) program that is financing this unamerican effort. Also, Senator Josh Hawley has now introduced a bill to defund future Department of Homeland Security programs that use the guise of fighting “disinformation” to censor political dissidents. Unfortunately, Biden and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are barrelling ahead with their German-style censorship agenda.”

Courageous RI Continuing Coverage:

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