ELECTION WAVES Candidate Interview: Deb Ruggiero, Lt. Governor

ELECTION WAVES is a series of interviews with candidates running for office in Rhode Island. In this edition, Ron St. Pierre interviews Lt. Governor candidate Deborah Ruggiero (D). Ruggiero discusses her experience as a state representative, her plans for the Lt. Governor’s office, and her thoughts on the current state of Rhode Island politics. She also addresses some of the challenges she would face as Lt. Governor. She has served the residents of Jamestown and Middletown in District 74 since first being elected in November 2008. She is the chair of the House Innovation, Internet and Technology Committee; she has been a member of the House Finance Committee for 8 years framing the state budget. Her ELECTION WAVES interview is well worth a listen today at 5:00pm or on demand after!

Is the General Assembly Finally Moving to “Protect Our Kids”?

Updated June 8, 2022, 11:20 AM EST It appears as if Rhode Island’s General Assembly has finally been convinced to take action of the the “Protect Our Kids” legislation. Under intense pressure from the ParentsUnitedRI.com coalition, House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi has now allowed H8230 to have a hearing in the Judiciary Committee at the Rise […]

Might THE BIG LIE actually be true? Is the “Let R.I. Vote Act” the real big lie?

Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee is about to sign into law the “Let RI Vote Act” … which, tragically, is based on two BIG LIES. You know what the original BIG LIE is, right? According to the mainstream media and anti-Trump politicians, the BIG LIE is the ostensibly false notion pushed by former President Trump […]

Sten Reacts: RI Governor’s Race Commercials

The race for the RI Governorship is heating up and we’re bringing you live reactions from Sten himself! Watch as Sten breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly of each commercial. Who does he think has the best strategy? Who’s going to win? You won’t want to miss a minute of this hot political action. Click this video now and be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss a beat of Rhode Island politics!

STEN REACTS: SCOTUS Abortion Leak – a Nightmare for Republican candidates?

SCOTUS Abortion Leak – a Nightmare for Republican candidates? #StenReacts to statements by two candidates for the US Congress: – ALLAN FUNG, Rhode Island, House of Reps candidate – J.D. VANCE, Ohio Senatorial candidate Debut episode this morning at 10AM www.OceanStateCurrent.com/LIVE

Coventry School Committee 1: Ana Isabel dos Reis-Couto and Bethany Chatterley #InTheDugout

WHICH CANDIDATES ARE MAKING WAVES IN THE OCEAN STATE? WATCH the first of our “Election Waves” interview series on this page: April 28, 7:00PM – Coventry District-1 Special Election for School Committee Candidates Ana Isabel dos Reis-Couto and Bethany Chatterley join Mike Stenhouse for back-to-back 1-on-1 In The Dugout interviews. Click here for more information about […]

#InTheDugout: Ashley Kalus LIVE & In Depth Interview

Attention: Rhode Islanders, this is In The Dugout Podcast.

We are your go-to source for the latest news and events happening in our great state. Our knowledgeable guests offer expert insights on the most important topics so that you can stay informed citizens.

Tune into #InTheDugout every Monday through Thursday live at 4:00Pm on the Ocean State Current to get your dose of news and views! You won’t want to miss a single episode. On today’s show, Ashley Kalus in her first LIVE & in-depth video interview since announcing her candidacy for Rhode Island Governor. Also, Dr. Andrew Bostom on the alarming new RIDOH data – how much was RIDOH over-hyping the pandemic fear?

Make sure to watch our podcast today so you are up to date with the common sense views and news you need!

Bob Lancia, our guest on #InTheDugout

Get the latest news and views from a conservative perspective with former RI Representative ANTHONY GIARRUSSO, Larry The Liberty Guy, Bob Lancia, and more with your host Mike Stenhouse. Tune in today!

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