Parents Win Another Round in Lawsuit Against School Mask Mandates

Team Southwell is on a roll and parents across the state are celebrating. The over three dozen parent plaintiffs and their attorney have been racking up recent victories in Rhode Island’s Superior Court in the Southwell v McKee lawsuit against K-12 school mask mandates. Yesterday (June 6), Judge Lanphear ruled against the State’s motion to […]

OPINION: Waiving patent rights will make us less prepared for the next pandemic

The World Trade Organization (WTO) recently released the text of a proposal to suspend patents on COVID-19 vaccines. All WTO members will vote on the proposal in June. The text won’t take effect unless all 164 members sign on. But if it is approved, companies in developing nations will be allowed to use medical technology from U.S. companies and inventors without their consent or supervision.

Ron St. Pierre Describes His Near Death, Covid Vax Experience

I got my first Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot on February 25th 2021. The next week I went out to run in my neighborhood but just couldn’t find my breathing  rhythm. The following day while my wife and I were walking our dog I couldn’t catch my breath and cut the walk short.  When we got […]

Parents United Lawsuit Forces Providence Schools to Rescind Mask Mandate

Developing … In yet another victory for the Parents United plaintiffs against school mask mandates, Providence School swill go back to mask optional next Tuesday, May 31. Public documents include: Superior Court Stipulation School Department letter to parents The stipulation appears to represent a compromise, where both the RIDOH (one of the plaintiffs) and the […]

Fired Teachers Win Court Ruling Against Barrington School Committee

Sneak Agenda Item Ruled a Violation In news first reported by The Ocean State Current yesterday, on a story it has followed for months, the RI Superior Court issued a strong rebuke against the Barrington School Committee when Judge Lanphear ruled that the committee violated Rhode Island’s Open Meeting Act when it failed to provide […]

Doc Skoly Sues RIDLT; Calls Out RI Foundation for Honoring “Dishonest” Alexander-Scott

Dr. Stephen Skoly expresses Surprise at RI Foundation’s Public Service honor of the ex RIDOH Director despite multiple mis-steps and dishonesty by her and Governor McKee Recently, attorneys for Dr. Stephen Skoly (from the Washington, D.C. based New Civil Liberties Alliance and locally)  filed an amendment to his existing lawsuit against Governor Daniel McKee and […]

OPINION: Katie Lied?* Biased RI Reporting on a Possible Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for School Children (*apologies to Steely Dan)

The promise of journalistic objectivity is not fulfilled by biased RI Reporting on a Possible Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for School Children

LifeSpan’s Underhanded Healthcare Worker Firings

Fired lab technician questions LifeSpan’s role in forming RIs healthcare worker vaccine mandate and “disingenuous” approach towards its own employees.

WATCH: Doctor Skoly Returns to Practice After Challenging the State’s Covid-19 Orders

When Dr. Stephen Skoly refused to comply with the the state’s healthcare worker Covid-19 vaccine mandate and dared to speak out against it, Governor Daniel McKee and RIDOH shut down his oral maxillofacial surgery practice. 

Dr. Skoly has naturally acquired immunity to Covid, having recovered from infection, and took all necessary safety procedures to protect his patients.

He has a history of Bell’s Palsy facial paralysis and risked a recurrence if vaccinated, a known side effect of the vaccine.

On Dr. Skoly’s behalf, NCLA filed a lawsuit against Governor Daniel McKee and Dr. James McDonald, RIDOH’s Interim Director, to force Rhode Island to permit Dr. Skoly to resume practice.

In March 2022, after over five months of his office being shutdown, the state relented and Doc Skoly was allowed to return to his work.

Dr. Stephen Skoly Honored with Major Award

Dr. Stephen Skoly, the oral surgeon whose medical practice was unconstitutionally shuttered by the Rhode Island Department of Health because for medical reasons he decided not to comply with the state’s healthcare worker vaccine mandate, has been named as the 2022 recipient of the Dr. A James Kershaw Award by the RI Dental Association.

How RI Parents Stopped a Wrongheaded ‘Universal Vaccine Mandate’

Parental outcry killed a bill that would have mandated universal Covid vaccination, with monthly fines and doubled income tax as punishment
Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the political supremacists in seats of power cavalierly issued their edicts and their mandates, while the mainstream media cheered them on. Across America, the Big Media and their Big Tech and Big Biz allies have served as the official “hit men” for the Big Covid cabal.

Covid-19 Vaccine Zealotry Continues To Plague Our Children (Nationally, and Here In Rhode Island)

The CDC’s house organ publication Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR) released nationally representative surveillance data that fully 74-75% of children aged <1 to 17 years old had antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein of SARSCOV2 as of February 2022. These findings, in lay terms, mean that three-fourths of U.S. children and adolescents through age 17 had naturally-acquired immunity to covid-19, by February 2022, conferring them with a protection which is more broad and enduring than covid-19 vaccine-acquired immunity.

Bostom and Jha and Not Being a “Registered Doctor in the State of Rhode Island”

What was lacking above all during the COVID-19 pandemic was accurate, complete information about the disease.  Too many of our public officials, amplified too often by an unquestioning media, spoke only of the deaths, hospitalizations and case count of the disease, giving the strong impression that COVID-19 had a fatality rate worse than the Bubonic […]

Parents Union School Mask Lawsuit winning in Providence; Delayed Again in Superior Court

The relentless legal pressure applied by attorney Gregory Piccirilli, representing dozens of Parents Union plaintiffs, is producing major dividends, despite efforts by the McKee administration and the RI Department of Health to quash their lawsuit actions. In the original Southwell v McKee school mask mandate lawsuit brought by the Parents Union plaintiffs, the State of […]

I stand with Dr Skoly: Former Chair of Care New England also Canceled by “Mandate Mania”

“Now, however, Care New England and the State have turned their backs on the heroes of yesterday.” “There is no science or medicine that could possibly justify such gratuitous vindictiveness.” I would like to tell my story of what happened to me during “mandate mania”. Too few people are aware of the unfortunate lengths to […]

Doc Skoly’s Federal Lawsuit is NOT OVER! Even though he’s back work.

Lawsuit is not “moot”. Dr Stephen Skoly may have won a significant battle last week in his fight to continue providing critical surgical care to his patients, but the larger legal war is not over. Even though the RIDOH finally relented and removed its October 1 compliance order that banned him from seeing patients in […]

Why Covid-19 and Influenza Vaccine Mandates For Rhode Island Health Care Workers Defy Evidence-Based Medicine

Dating back to the seminal 1954 polio vaccine trial involving 1.8 million U.S. children [1], randomized, controlled trials have generated the gold-standard evidence for making public health recommendations [2,3]. I repeat “recommendations,” not “mandates.” There are no data from four decades of influenza vaccine randomized, controlled trials, and < 2-years of covid-19 vaccine randomized, controlled trials, […]

Shocking Ivermectin cover-up? A (video) letter to Dr Hill.

In October 2020 Dr Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organization on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

RIDOC Inexplicably Slams the Door on Dr. Skoly

The Ocean State Current has obtained images of emails and what appears to be an internally dispersed document from the RI Department Of Corrections (RIDOC) throughout their facilities to notify staff that access privileges of one Dr. Stephen Skoly have been revoked.

Doc Skoly Featured! When Bureaucrats Won’t Let Doctors Practice Medicine (Virtual)

  Virtual event from the New Civil Liberties Alliance: Arbitrary government mandates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have deprived millions of patients across the country of medical care.This virtual “Lunch & Law” with NCLA Senior Litigation Counsel Brian Rosner, NCLA Litigation Counsel Jenin Younes, and our client, Dr. Stephen Skoly, a top maxillofacial surgeon […]

Stenhouse on Proposed RIDOH Rule Changes: RI is Better Off Without Them

The rule changes proposed last week by the RI Department of Health (RIDOH) are nothing but a blatant power grab, even as state health officials hail it as a major step towards returning our state to normal. Technically, the recommended provisions would amend R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 23-17 and § 23-17.7.1 to make permanent new […]

Parents Across America Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Can’t be said these days that Congress – or politics – is dull or irrelevant to daily life. Maybe like never before Americans are holding elected officials accountable, on the national, state, and city and town level. In Rhode Island, mom Nicole Solas and teacher Ramona Bessinger have made news for their perspectives on education […]

Statement from Doc Skoly’s Legal Team

“We are disappointed that the court adjourned a preliminary hearing to March 15th. Rhode Islanders continue to suffer the medical emergency of an acute doctor shortage and Dr. Skoly and his staff are eager to resume servicing the 800 plus a month patients. We look forward to the hearing on March 15th.”

Grover Norquist on Canadian Truckers #InTheDugout

Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at the request of President Reagan. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels. In this clip from the #InTheDugout podcast, he tells host Mike Stenhouse about the tremendous dangers of the crackdown on protests led by truckers against tyrannical covid-19 restrictions in Canada.

Unheralded RIDOH Website Clarifies Relative Impact of Pediatric Influenza and Covid-19 in Rhode Island

Almost completely hidden from public view, I just recently discovered a new source of data available from the RI Department of Health (RIDOH) website. One of the inescapable findings based on our state’s own data … is that serious adverse reactions to the Covid-19 virus among children are far fewer, on average, than reactions to […]

State Representative Rebuked By Mom During Parental Bill of Rights Testimony

Laurie Gaddis Barrett is an active member of the ParentsUnitedRI movement,  who carefully watches over the rights of parents seeking transparency about what happens to the children while in the care of the education system in their own districts. Her frustration clearly showed through when she testified on February 10 at the hearing for House […]

Catholic Parent Speaks Out Against Continued Mandates In Catholic Schools

Dear Father Healy, I am appealing to you directly, because when we interviewed with you for our first of three children, Emma, at Our Lady of Mercy in the summer of 2015 you told us: “The buck stops with me.” OLM has been a wonderful experience for our children and our family as a whole. […]

Director of Health James McDonald LIES on His First Day

Why are Gov. Dan McKee and the media so compliant? On his first day as Director of Health, James McDonald LIES by stating blatant disinformation that naturally acquired immunity “doesn’t last as long as vaccine immunity.” During yesterday’s press conference, Pat Ford of The Coalition Radio Network asked a critical question. Watch the video now. Per Israeli study & Dr Andrew Bostom – the exact OPPOSITE IS TRUE!

RI Women’s Group Calls out NPR Public Radio

The following is the text of a January 19 email send to the editor of NPR public radio, from one of the leaders of a new women’s group in Rhode Island … the RI chapter of the Independent Women’s Network (IWN), a project of Women’s Voice, in partnership with Independent Women’s Forum – a private […]

Why Governor McKee Must Completely Remake the RI Department of Health

Remake RI DOH Despite claims of her ‘resignation’, the more likely January firing of Nicole Alexander-Scott as Director of the RI Department of Health (RI DOH), quickly followed by the departure of her top capo, Thomas McCarthy, presents a major opportunity for Governor McKee to remake the crumbling health organization, which completely missed the target […]

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