Devastating Comments Calling for the Resignation of RIDE Commissioner Angelica Infante Green

Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to hold public officials accountable – The Ocean State Current has become the choice of parents and citizens who value honest and fearless reporting. Why? […]

UPDATE: State Rep. Newberry and MRC Attorney Issues Statements Ripping URI’s Media Literacy Scam

As previously reported by The Ocean State Current, both in print and via video interviews, the depth and breadth of URI’s media literacy’ scam is becoming more clear. NEW UPDATE (click here): Read this highly disturbing column by a teacher who actually took the CourageousRI training courses! Named Courageous RI, the collusion between federal and […]

A.I. Gone to the Dogs

In a recent stroke of brilliance—or perhaps madness—AI has once again proven its uncanny ability to blend the realms of technology and absurdity. Brace yourselves, folks, because the world now has AI-generated representations of dog breeds for each U.S. state. Yes, you heard that right. It’s like your favorite childhood game of “Guess Who?” met […]

Chariho mega-bond challenged by Hopkinton and Richmond Town Councils

On Monday of this week, a majority of the Hopkinton Town Council, members Hirst, Burns, and Geary, expressed their concern for the proposed $150 million dollar bond being proposed by the Chariho school district. The push for the bond came about fairly quickly, with little school committee discussion, in an attempt to meet a February […]

Chariho’s $150 Million School Building Bond: The Truth Behind the Reimbursement Scheme

The Chariho School District is advocating for a $150 million bond that will include demolishing and replacing three elementary schools. A ballot referenda vote is expected later this spring. Their pitch hinges on one key point, that the State of Rhode Island will reimburse the district for up to 81% of the bonds. Reimburse with […]

Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers’ Speaker Series Highlights Concerns Over School Curricula

Join the Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers’ Speaker Series Fundraiser featuring Ramona Bessinger, an experienced ELA educator. Discover the concerns surrounding changes in school curricula including racial hostility and Antisemitic sentiments. Bessinger’s insights, featured on major news outlets, highlight the urgent need for parental awareness.

School Choice Fair in Warwick This Sunday; Part of National School Choice Week

All school choices matter. An All School Fair will bring this message to Warwick next weekend, giving Rhode Island families an unparalleled opportunity to explore an array of K-12 options, all in one room.

Is RIDE’s Angelica Infante-Green Any different from Claudine Gay, Harvard’s Disgraced and Woke ex-President?

OPINION: Harvard University and its now former President, Claudine Gay, have been the subject of intense national scrutiny since her embarrassing Congressional testimony on December 5 exposed how shockingly out of touch she and her fellow woke educational colleagues are with mainstream America. What is less well-known, is how the same can be said about […]

School Choice is a Political Winner – Especially Among Minorities

PUBLISHER’s NOTE: School choice and educational freedom for families is a political and electoral winner – especially among minority voters! Yet no lawmaker in the state of Rhode Island is willing to take a major stand, to stand up to special interest teacher unions, and to promote this much needed public policy … especially given […]

ANOTHER State Cancels American Library Association’s K-12 Porn Agenda

Florida Severs Ties with the American Library Association Originally published by The Washington Strand, Joshua Arnold November 3, 2023 The state of Florida in October joined a growing number of states that have cut ties with the American Library Association (ALA) over its promotion of Marxism and sexually explicit reading materials to children. Florida’s Division of […]

Our Most Vulnerable Need Education Freedom. Why do lawmakers stand in their way?

This message is brought to you by the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network. To learn more about becoming a local member, visit This column has been modified from the original version written by Heather Madden, October 20, 2023 Our Most Vulnerable Need Education Freedom. What’s Standing In Their Way? Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) […]

Report: Major Failures, “F” grade at RIDE Require Leadership and Legislative Changes

In a scathing assessment of the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), a new report released today by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity grades RIDE with an “F” for its many documented failures. The report, “Why Major Changes are Needed at the RI Department Of  Education,” details the top-10 Failures of Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green and RIDE, […]

RIDE Fails Again as RICAS Test Scores Continue to Alarm and Disappoint

The much anticipated 2023 RICAS test scores are out … with only minimal gains from 2022’s dismal results … leaving state education observers highly disappointed. The latest set of standardized test score – the Rhode Island Comprehensive Assessment System – were released on Wednesday the 2022 – 2023 academic year. And while Angelica Infante-Green, commissioner […]

BREAKING: State Senate Candidate Calls for Resignation of RIDE Commissioner

Niyoka Powell, candidate for Rhode Island State Senate District 1 in the November 7 special election, today called for the resignation of Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green. “Infante-Green deserves an ‘F’ on her Education Commissioner report card,” said Powell. “By every metric, her tenure has been an abject failure. Test scores, student absenteeism, teacher […]

R.I. Ranks Dead Last in Education Freedom Index

With most of the public now fully recognizing the devastating impact of the pandemic related schools lockdowns and mask mandates when it comes to failing student achievement … combined with the increased awareness of the un-American, radical, and inappropriate curricula and theories being pushed upon students, without parental consent, by state and local education officials, […]

Teachers Union Boss Lies Again – Promotes Fake “Banned Books” Narrative

This message is brought to you by the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network. To learn more about becoming a local member, visit Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten is lying again!  She and her allies want you to believe that right wing extremists are banning books in our nation’s public schools, depriving bright […]

Center Signs Letter Calling for Resignation of Ass’t US Educ. Sec’y for Undermining Title IX

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, the Ocean State’s leading conservative advocacy organization, has joined with 58 other state and national organizations, in a public letter, to call for the resignation of Catherine Lhamon from her federal position as Assistant Education Secretary for repeatedly violating her Oath of Office to defend the US Constitution. […]

Governor Newsom threatens Temecula school board for rejecting new social studies textbook

In response to the Temecula Unified School Board’s decision not to adopt a controversial social studies textbook in May of 2023, Governor Newsom challenged the board’s decision and threatened it with legislative consequences if it does not reverse course.

Center Endorses Federal ‘STUDENT Act’ to Restrict NEA from Further Damaging Education

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, the state’s only pro-freedom think-tank, publicly endorsed the ‘STUDENT Act‘, a package of proposed reforms to the National Education Association’s (NEA) unique status as the only federally chartered labor union. The Act would prohibit the NEA from engaging in electoral politics and lobbying, among other provisions. The NEA, […]

Neronha Argues in Favor of Hiding Health Information of Transgender Students from their Parents

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Neronha joins with other progressives from around the country by signing a Brief Of Amici Curiae in favor of hiding important health information of transgender students in violation of parental rights.

U.S. Department of Education: The New ‘Evil Empire’?

From a July 5 press by SAVE (Assuring Fairness and Due Process in Schools) The Constitution defines the authorities and roles of the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government as having co-equal powers (1). But in the past two years, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has repeatedly ignored this bedrock principle: In its […]

Opinion: Keeping Secrets from parents – Okay in Smithfield Rhode Island?

This past weekend on Saturday, June 17, 2023, the Smithfield School Committee held an open meeting “workshop” in which the public commented on a proposal to require teachers to notify parents if their middle school or high school student child is considering “transitioning.” The crux of the matter is if parents have the right to know if their child is considering “transitioning.”

Senate passes free universal school meals bills; heads to House of Representatives

A pair of Rhode Island bills centering on healthy free school meals is headed to the House of Representatives.

WATCH: Stanley Kurtz EXPOSES RI Education

Exclusive interview: The RI Department of Education is exposed by Stanley Kurtz’ National Review column

Rhode Island using ARPA funding to improve student outcomes

Rhode Island is doling out $4 million in funding that will match $4 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, Gov. Dan McKee said, that will be directed at school districts and community-based organization programming for students.

The PUBLIC & Stenhouse submit testimony OVERWHELMINGLY in support of bill to repeal RIDE’s curricula mandate powers

The Ocean State Current has obtained the testimony below, as submitted earlier today by Mike Stenhouse from the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity …  **** March 23, 2023 TO:                         House Committee on Education FROM:                   Mike Stenhouse, CEO, RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity SUBJCET:             My […]

Committee Hearing Wednesday as RI Citizens Speak Out to Restore Local Authority by Repealing RIDE’s Authority to Mandate Curricula

The RI House Education Committee will hear H5498 on Wednesday, March 22. In 2019, the Rhode Island General Assembly granted authority to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) to develop curricula for various subjects and mandate it to every school district in the state … removing authority from local school districts to determine what […]

Mike Stenhouse on State of the State

Guest Stenhouse discusses RIDE curriculum mandates for social studies and history. His organization RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity sponsored a review of the curriculum.

Courageous RI is a Scam to Indoctrinate Students and the Public

Intrepid parent activist and head of Parents United RI, Laurie GB, weighs in on Twitter with her thoughts on Tuesday’s press conference announcing the launch of the federally-funded Courageous RI org. . Mike Stenhouse, CEO, for the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls the group’s mission a scam intended to further indoctrinate students, teachers, […]

RI’s Education Supremacists Display Contempt for American Ideals

Originally published by the Providence Journal, March 4 (online version not available) America’s upcoming 250th birthday should be a patriotic celebration of our inalienable rights and recognition of our American birthright of liberty. Instead, we find that patriotism has systematically been de-institutionalized across our country. Regrettably, the RI Department of Education and the RI Board […]

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