Does RI Have What it Takes to Create a Life Sciences Industry?

Creating A Life Sciences Cluster in Rhode Island Rhode Island House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi has an excellent idea: try to replicate in Rhode Island the life sciences ecosystem enjoyed by their neighbor up north in Cambridge, Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts. This is an excellent idea because, as the trade association for the biotechnology industry in […]

Hypocrisy of Catholic Bishops re. “Coyotes That Help People”

Originally published, February 9, 2023 by Christopher Manion by the Wander Press, National Catholic Weekly, as:  The Coyotes Help People. Please Give The message sounded routine — at first. “Hello team please see the message below regarding your consideration for an urgent matter to support one of our own students here at Mount.” Suddenly, it […]

Initial Thoughts on Cicilline’s Retirement from US Congress & What It Means for the RI Foundation

As news quickly spread this morning of David Cicilline’s pending retirement from the United States Congress, most attention is focused on who might replace him to represent our state in Washington, DC. However, I’m more interested in a different angle. Cicilline’s retirement should not come as that big of a surprise, now that his Democrat […]

Twelve Score and Seven Years Ago; Stenhouse’s Public Education Address

Our founding fathers fervently believed that an informed and educated citizenry is vital to the preservation of our great American democracy and our God-given and constitutional freedoms. As citizens across Rhode Island and America celebrate President’s Day and the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, I hope you will forgive me for taking liberty […]

Stenhouse: Violence in Warwick Schools; Reaping the Consequences of their Perverse Teachings?

Last week, the Principal of Veterans Middle School in Warwick issued a public appeal on Facebook to school parents about the increasing violence that is occurring among its student body (the full appeal is below). It is clear to me – based on common sense and on the many conversations I’ve held with child psychologists […]

North Kingstown to Become a New Anti-Gun Hotbed?

Originally printed in the February 16, 2023 edition of The Standard Times, as: “McKee doubles down on firearm misinformation” Apparently North Kingstown has joined Bristol and Warren as hotbeds of anti-gun sentiment. The leader of the Moms Demand Action group now sits on the town council. Moms Demand Action is a subsidiary of Everytown for […]

UPDATED: WOW. Samples of Public Outcry Against RIDE’s Proposed “woke” Social Studies Standards

The following excerpts were provided to The Current by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity. They represent actual commentary from concerned citizens who have emailed the RI Board Of Education, encouraging them to REJECT the inaccurate and overly-politicized social studies standards, proposed by RI Department of Education and its Commissioner, Angelic Infante-Green. A vote […]

Is “Mayor Steve” of Cranston About to Announce a US Presidential Run?

Pete Buttigieg, colloquially referred to as “Mayor Pete”,  previously an unknown mayor of a small Indiana city, has quickly risen to national prominence and has become a popular figure among Democrats, after his 2020 primary run for President of the United States. Steve Laffey, the former mayor of a similarly-sized Rhode Island city, who I […]

Warwick Mother Claims Physical & Emotional Abuse of Her Learning Impaired First Grade Son

EDITOR’S NOTE: The story below is based on number of different emails received by The Current from Melissa Dixon. The story is important because schools must fulfill their legal responsibilities to learning impaired students like Melissa’s son who are under an IEP or 504 plan. **** In Melissa’s own words … “Here’s what happened to my […]

The Left won’t stop until it has dictated what you drive, where you live, and how you cook

Originally published in the Wall Street Journal, January 26 by Kimberley A. Strassel, as: The Campaign to Ban Gas Stoves Biden and the media deny it exists, but the effort is calculated and well-funded. Don’t believe for a second Consumer Product Safety Commission member Richard Trumka Jr.’s slippery claim that they aren’t coming for your […]

Did RI Illicitly Gain Its Second US Congressional Seat?

EDITOR’S NOTE: It was publicly admitted by the United States Department of Commerce, under the direction of former Governor Gina Raimondo, that under its auspices, the 2020 US Census miscalculations wrongly apportioned to the state of Rhode Island an extra, undeserved seat in the US House of Representatives.  But was their more at play than […]

Chariho Teachers Deserve our Respect…..So do the Taxpayers Who Pay the Bills

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can watch Louise Dinsmore’s recent appearances as a guest on The Current’s In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse video podcasts here and here.  **** As a parent whose child attended Richmond Elementary School from K-3, I witnessed the love, dedication and professionalism of Chariho teachers and teaching support staff.   There is […]

LTE: National Democrat Leaders Continue Their January 6 Lies

Letter To the Editor:       The fear and hatred that the Democrat Party have for former President Donald Trump is evident by President Biden’s January 6, 2023 speech honoring the men and women who ostensibly helped to defend the capitol during the so-called Jan 6, 2021 insurrection. The president specifically referred to the five (5) […]

How the Feds Purposefully Stonewalled my Gina Raimondo FOIA Request

My FOIA request was filed 11/9/21 for the first seven months with Raimondo at the helm of US Commerce Secretary.

Gaspee Project’s Chairman Blasts Libelous ‘White Supremacist’ Label by Woke Chariho Teacher

I ask that Mr. Fee show proof of his accusations or publicly apologize for his lies. And I would like to remind Mr. Fee that, as a private citizen, I have every right to take legal action in response to libelous claims.

OPINION: Divisive K-12 Curricula to Blame for RI’s Failing Proficiency Scores?

by Bob Chiaradio from Westerly, RI Last Friday, RIDE released the 2022 district LEA scores for ELA, Math, and Science, and they were not pretty. Overall: 60% of those tested were NOT proficient in ELA, 67.2% were NOT proficient in Math, and 62.9% were not proficient in Science This comes out to an overall proficiency […]

TWO OPINIONS: Parents United RI Vilified and Defended

EDITOR’s NOTE: Members and Candidates from the Parents United RI group in RI have been frequent guess on The Current’s popular In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse video podcast.  The editorial directly below was in response to a December 17 editorial further below that appeared in the Westerly Sun. *** To the Editor:      After […]

War of Words – A Collection of Conservative Tweets from 2022

Some things never go out of style. History shows passion for freedom flames higher as fire hoses of oppression — whether in the form of censorship, inflation, intrusive “medical” mandates, or something worse  — attempt to extinguish it. In the days of powdered wigs and tri-corner hats, George Washington wrote in a letter: “Let the […]

TRAVIS ROWLEY: Trump At His Worst?

I’m not going to say “Donald Trump just needs to shut up.” Because it’s not that simple. Trump’s unhinged social media posts have always been a double-edged sword, serving to rally and entertain a large portion of the Republican base while driving incorrigible Democrats bat-crap mad. But they also motivate his enemies and offer them […]

James Woods & Two Other Rhode Islanders; How the Left’s Narratives are Unwittingly Advanced

EDITOR’S NOTE: Past and current voices of three prominent Rhode Islanders are invoked in this well-researched historical piece about one aspect of the Joseph McCarthy hearings by Dr. Andrew Bostom, opinion journalist and medical advisor to The Ocean State Current.  Dr. Bostom, who resides in Scituate, RI and who has conducted a broad array of […]

The Truth About Big Oil Profits & High Energy Costs for Rhode Islanders

Originally published in the Sunday Providence Journal, December 4, 2022 *** This fall Rhode Islanders were hit with their own October surprise: a near 50% increase in their monthly electric bills to go along with this year’s record-high gas prices. And it all beings with failed state and federal public policy. Unfortunately, energy costs will keep rising, […]

STENHOUSE: No, Stupid, It’s Not The Economy

Now, before the next campaigns begin and new legislation is crafted, conservatives must reevaluate some of the old-school conventional wisdom campaign tenets that often compel good candidates to make bad decisions that lead to their electoral demise, albeit unintentionally and unknowingly. In state after state, it’s become obvious that conservatives must break the liberal stranglehold on […]

Independent Women’s Network – DON’T MISS – Opinion & Update

NOTE: The newly formed Rhode Island chapter of the Independent Women’s Network has partnered with the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and The Ocean State Current to raise awareness among the public about the important issues facing families in our state. Look for more posts and more IWN guests to regularly appear on The […]

OPINION: Westerly Parent Responds to “Hit Job” by anti-Racism Group

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC), is a Westerly, Rhode Island based group, self-billed as the town’s first multicultural committee, whose stated mission is “Embracing multiculturalism to address racism through education and empowerment.” Concerned parents and ARC have regularly been engaged in a war of words – online and at public meetings – about what […]

Kalus Swings and Misses, While McKee Takes a Base-on-Balls in RI’s First Gubernatorial Debate

In their first debate of the 2022 gubernatorial race in Rhode Island, incumbent Democrat Dan McKee and his challenger, Republican Ashley Kalus, did little to inspire voters that a better quality of life might be ahead if they were to be elected governor. McKee, who as Lieutenant Governor became Governor 18 months ago when the […]

THE TRUTH: Why COLUMBUS DAY Should Not be Canceled

NOTE: this column originally appeared on The Daily Signal, as:  The Truth About Columbus by Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / October 06, 2017 **** Is this the last time we can celebrate Columbus Day? A wave of cities have decided to remove the holiday from the calendar and replace it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer credited […]

Transgender Marxism: From Dysphoria To Dystopia

Dr. Andrew Bostom is a medical and academic researcher the piece below is a summary of his finding on the recent and past history of transgenderism and Marxism in America.

RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity Mourns the Passing of its Founding Chairman, Dr. Daniel Harrop

His Civic, Religious, Philanthropic, and Professional Accomplishments Earned Him the Center’s Highest Honor in 2018 The of RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity mourns the passing of its founding Chairman, Dr. Daniel Harrop, who died unexpectedly this past Thursday evening.     “Dr. Harrop lived a quiet and unassuming, but enormously influential life,” said the Center’s CEO, […]

Strong Words Towards Seth Magaziner From RI Right to Life

RI Right to Life says, “Check your anti-Catholic bigotry and your facts Mr. Magaziner” after a report of attacks on Mayor Allan Fung for his membership in the St. Thomas More Society of Rhode Island, a well-known mainstream fraternal society of Catholic lawyers and judges.  

Mike Stenhouse: Conservatives – are you tired of losing? Here’s how to win!

Conservatives – are your tired of losing? If you are as concerned about our society as I am, especially after what we’ve seen in with one-party rule Washington DC and in our state over the past few years …  then you are fed up with politics-as-usual … and you must demand bold action! Given the […]

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