Freedom vs Equality; by a Famous Soviet Dissident

written by Connor Boyack, head of the Libertas Institute in Utah and author of The Tuttle Twins Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on Freedom v. Equality “Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Solzhenitsyn’s deep understanding of the […]

A Complicated Picture of Private Landownership in the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor

“Help” from the government – welcome or not — is well underway with the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor in parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts a model for the corridors across the country.

Holding the Line for Truth: Youth Org Blasts former US AG, Bill Barr

by Mary O’Neill, Executive Director America’s Future, a young professionals’ organization dedicated to preserving American values and ideals. Larry Gillheeney form the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity is the organization’s Northeast Regional Director. There is only one truth. When Americans invest their faith in leaders who fail in their mission to hold the corrupt […]

Josh Mello: a Father’s Courageous Stance Against Injustice

Below is an opinion piece by Josh Mello’s domestic partner, Rachel Ware. The Ocean State Current has been chronicling many of the developments in this complex saga. The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls on the Cranston School Committee to conduct an investigation into the illicit administrative act – denying Mr. Mello his parental […]

LTE: Biden’s Maui Response Irresponsible & Insulting

Letter To the Editor: For weeks now the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives have been talking about its investigations of Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Biden and their possible impeachment. Conversely, all we hear about in the liberal media is its crowing about the indictments of former President Trump and his associates.Nothing […]

Conservative Candidates & Cronies Also Guilty of Playing the Game of “Let’s Pretend”

For years, our organization has promoted the meme of the “Liberal Never Never Land of Make Believe”, where un-true narratives are advanced by the Left as gospel, and where once common-sense thinking people have devolved, for political reasons, into blindly believing almost anything their political leaders tell them to believe. Narratives that have been proven […]

DC Gov’t Worker Parody of “Rich Men North of Richmond”

Parody of Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond“ by Remy LYRICS: I’ve been working till the break of 4:45 I get an automatic raise and I can’t be fired Must wait to age 57 till I can retire With an inflation-adjusted pension that somehow keeps going higher Oh, it’s a damn shame what the world’s come to They […]

Pretty Much Everyone Agrees On Election Integrity

JASON SNEAD: Don’t Listen To Dem Hysteria — Everyone Can Agree On Election Integrity Originally published on the Daily Caller, August 21 At first glance, some Americans could mistakenly conclude that election integrity safeguards are deeply unpopular. After all, liberal politicians and the mainstream media regularly denounce commonsense measures like photo ID laws and routine […]

Stenhouse: Vote Twice This Election

It is your patriotic duty to vote. Why not vote strategically? Why not fully make your voice count? Why not cross-over, vote early, and have your vote count twice? Early voting is underway for the primaries to replace David Cicilline in the US House of Representatives. Citizens have no greater muscle in our democracy than […]

Top-10 Prescient Founding Fathers’ Quotes

The founding of America – and its revolutionary concepts about human equality,  self-reliance, and of a representative republic with limited government – was not just based upon a trust in the Almighty and an historical examination of monarchies and tyrannical regimes. Indeed, just as important as these, the Founders’ vision for America also was based […]

The new R.I. Declaration of Independence

Modified from the original Declaration of Independence to reflect current and specific issues relevant to the people of Rhode Island, with as little alteration to the original text, spelling, and themes. R.I. Declaration of Independence IN Virtual CONGRESS, JULY 4, 2023 The unanimous Declaration of the People of the thirty-nine cities and towns of Rhode Island When […]

Baseball’s First Superstar

Napoleon LaJoie, who played baseball from 1896 to 1915, was a phenomenon that drew big crowds like no other player.

Robert Frost? Stopping the Swamp and its Many Evils

The following was submitted to The Current by an anonymous writer and is a political adaptation of the famous poem by Robert Frost – Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Stopping the Swamp and its Many Evils Whose House this is they think they know. I’m sending them a message though; They will not […]

“Sisters In Arms – a Firearm Story” Partners with The Current

The Ocean State Current announced today that it has added the “Sisters In Arms – A Firearm Story” video podcast to its lineup of regularly scheduled content.

Absurd & Evil View of Gaspee Days Parade Deserves Condemnation

by Mike Stenhouse On the same day that the historic Gaspee Days parade proceeded in its annual march down Narragansett Parkway and Broad Street in Warwick and Cranston, the Providence Journal deigned to publish on Saturday a hit piece on the observance of an event that many Rhode Islanders believe was the “unofficial start of […]

America’s Left has its own Mein Kampf

“80 years later, history may be repeating itself” I was born on the eve of the America’s entry into World War II I remember the end of that war that propelled the United States to super power status. I have lived through the Fabulous 50s; the Soaring 60’s, Me Decade 70s; and the Excessive 80s. […]

Good Men: Democratic Drama Queens

by Travis Rowley from his “Good Men” podcast This week NC Governor Roy Cooper (Democrat!) actually declared a “State of Emergency” in response to a Republican bill that would expand school choice. Soon after, in response to Gov. Ron Desantis’ crusade against race-obsessed curriculum, the NAACP (Democrats!) issued a “travel advisory” for those considering a […]

Whitlock: Jim Brown, Unlike Bill Russell, was a Real Man & Hero

Originally published by Jason Whitlock, as: Unlike his peers and successors, Jim Brown refused to sell out Jim Brown never sold out. That’s his legacy. He couldn’t be bought or compromised. He epitomized the kind of masculinity America now rejects as toxic. Brown, 87, died on Friday. People will struggle to accurately define him. He’s […]

Ancora Mobile Ultrasound Banquet Thursday May 25th

What do you do when at eighteen you find yourself addicted to drugs and alcohol, and find out you’re pregnant?

IWN: “Banned Book” Forum at Brown University Failed to Deliver Diversity of Thought

By the co-founders of the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network “It would have been helpful to hear a perspective – on behalf of parents – who struggle with the idea that some of these books do indeed overly expose young children to controversial ideas and topics.” On Wednesday May 3rd, we attended an […]

CCP “Confucius Institutes” in RI May Not Have Ended with Bryant University

It may be little known, but Bryant University is one of Rhode Island’s most “woke” institutions. Reality-based employees are fleeing the university in droves, not willing to endure the relentless attacks on their traditional cultural values. From forced pronouns, to constant white-shaming, to mandatory LGBTQIAP+ employee indoctrination training seminars … the once proud school has […]

Ruling Class “Political Supremacists” Extort Americans as did the Mafia

By J.B. Shurk, originally entitled: The Ruling Class’s Stalinist Purge. (“Political Surpemacists” is a phrase coined by Mike Stenhouse of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity) Like a hammer smashing anyone who seeks to “make America great,” the ruling class pounds Trump, his supporters, and now even Tucker Carlson. A “great America,” you see, is […]

“Flattening Inflation” is Dishonest Approach by Feds & Biden

Originally printed in the March 30, 2023 edition of The Independent “Flattening inflation easier said than done” Probably everyone remembers elected and public health officials telling us that we had to “flatten the curve” of the corona virus pandemic. The unstated reason was to prevent hospitals and medical personnel from being overwhelmed by a dramatic […]

Red Tide Radio Teaser

Coming soon: the debut of Ocean State Current Radio, featuring its first show, Red Tide Radio with Adam the Annihilator & the Dicksta. Stay tuned for programming schedule details

Does RI Have What it Takes to Create a Life Sciences Industry?

Creating A Life Sciences Cluster in Rhode Island Rhode Island House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi has an excellent idea: try to replicate in Rhode Island the life sciences ecosystem enjoyed by their neighbor up north in Cambridge, Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts. This is an excellent idea because, as the trade association for the biotechnology industry in […]

Hypocrisy of Catholic Bishops re. “Coyotes That Help People”

Originally published, February 9, 2023 by Christopher Manion by the Wander Press, National Catholic Weekly, as:  The Coyotes Help People. Please Give The message sounded routine — at first. “Hello team please see the message below regarding your consideration for an urgent matter to support one of our own students here at Mount.” Suddenly, it […]

Initial Thoughts on Cicilline’s Retirement from US Congress & What It Means for the RI Foundation

As news quickly spread this morning of David Cicilline’s pending retirement from the United States Congress, most attention is focused on who might replace him to represent our state in Washington, DC. However, I’m more interested in a different angle. Cicilline’s retirement should not come as that big of a surprise, now that his Democrat […]

Twelve Score and Seven Years Ago; Stenhouse’s Public Education Address

Our founding fathers fervently believed that an informed and educated citizenry is vital to the preservation of our great American democracy and our God-given and constitutional freedoms. As citizens across Rhode Island and America celebrate President’s Day and the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, I hope you will forgive me for taking liberty […]

Stenhouse: Violence in Warwick Schools; Reaping the Consequences of their Perverse Teachings?

Last week, the Principal of Veterans Middle School in Warwick issued a public appeal on Facebook to school parents about the increasing violence that is occurring among its student body (the full appeal is below). It is clear to me – based on common sense and on the many conversations I’ve held with child psychologists […]

North Kingstown to Become a New Anti-Gun Hotbed?

Originally printed in the February 16, 2023 edition of The Standard Times, as: “McKee doubles down on firearm misinformation” Apparently North Kingstown has joined Bristol and Warren as hotbeds of anti-gun sentiment. The leader of the Moms Demand Action group now sits on the town council. Moms Demand Action is a subsidiary of Everytown for […]

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