STENHOUSE: No, Stupid, It’s Not The Economy

Now, before the next campaigns begin and new legislation is crafted, conservatives must reevaluate some of the old-school conventional wisdom campaign tenets that often compel good candidates to make bad decisions that lead to their electoral demise, albeit unintentionally and unknowingly. In state after state, it’s become obvious that conservatives must break the liberal stranglehold on […]

Independent Women’s Network – DON’T MISS – Opinion & Update

NOTE: The newly formed Rhode Island chapter of the Independent Women’s Network has partnered with the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and The Ocean State Current to raise awareness among the public about the important issues facing families in our state. Look for more posts and more IWN guests to regularly appear on The […]

OPINION: Westerly Parent Responds to “Hit Job” by anti-Racism Group

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC), is a Westerly, Rhode Island based group, self-billed as the town’s first multicultural committee, whose stated mission is “Embracing multiculturalism to address racism through education and empowerment.” Concerned parents and ARC have regularly been engaged in a war of words – online and at public meetings – about what […]

Kalus Swings and Misses, While McKee Takes a Base-on-Balls in RI’s First Gubernatorial Debate

In their first debate of the 2022 gubernatorial race in Rhode Island, incumbent Democrat Dan McKee and his challenger, Republican Ashley Kalus, did little to inspire voters that a better quality of life might be ahead if they were to be elected governor. McKee, who as Lieutenant Governor became Governor 18 months ago when the […]

THE TRUTH: Why COLUMBUS DAY Should Not be Canceled

NOTE: this column originally appeared on The Daily Signal, as:  The Truth About Columbus by Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / October 06, 2017 **** Is this the last time we can celebrate Columbus Day? A wave of cities have decided to remove the holiday from the calendar and replace it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer credited […]

Transgender Marxism: From Dysphoria To Dystopia

Dr. Andrew Bostom is a medical and academic researcher the piece below is a summary of his finding on the recent and past history of transgenderism and Marxism in America.

RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity Mourns the Passing of its Founding Chairman, Dr. Daniel Harrop

His Civic, Religious, Philanthropic, and Professional Accomplishments Earned Him the Center’s Highest Honor in 2018 The of RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity mourns the passing of its founding Chairman, Dr. Daniel Harrop, who died unexpectedly this past Thursday evening.     “Dr. Harrop lived a quiet and unassuming, but enormously influential life,” said the Center’s CEO, […]

Strong Words Towards Seth Magaziner From RI Right to Life

RI Right to Life says, “Check your anti-Catholic bigotry and your facts Mr. Magaziner” after a report of attacks on Mayor Allan Fung for his membership in the St. Thomas More Society of Rhode Island, a well-known mainstream fraternal society of Catholic lawyers and judges.  

Mike Stenhouse: Conservatives – are you tired of losing? Here’s how to win!

Conservatives – are your tired of losing? If you are as concerned about our society as I am, especially after what we’ve seen in with one-party rule Washington DC and in our state over the past few years …  then you are fed up with politics-as-usual … and you must demand bold action! Given the […]

Joe Biden’s Speech Evokes ‘Napoleon The Pig’

If you know anything about me, you know that I will defend my conservative and constitutional principles to my last breath. Not to mindlessly advance some “right wing” agenda. But, because of history and my honest personal belief system, I am completely convinced that a society based on our great American founding principles of liberty, […]

Joshua Mello: Letter to Commissioner Infante-Green on Cranston Issues

Commissioner Infante-Green, I am reaching out to the Rhode Island Department of Education to ask for a hearing about unresolved matters with the Cranston School Department. I have been asking to have the first issue resolved since Fall of 2019. I had emailed the Superintendent Jeannine Nota-Masse back in October 2019 asking to address the […]

Center Memorializes One of its Original Benefactors … and one of Rhode Island’s Greatest

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity is consistently – and falsely – characterized by our left-wing critics as being funded by the Koch brothers. What is true, is that the “Galkin brothers” are two of our Center’s original major benefactors. The passing earlier this month or the elder brother, Robert Galkin, is a highly […]

Dr. Bostom Wins v Twitter. Did the State of RI Demand Suspension of His Account?

OPINION: Within hours of issuing to Twitter a July 14 legal letter of intent to sue, Dr. Andrew Bostom and his legal team won a major victory, when the embattled social media giant reinstated Bostom’s personal Twitter account. “After further review, we have unsuspended your account as it does not appear to be in violation […]

Jen’s Three Cents – 10

Long-time Ocean State radio personality and In The Dugout co-host on Monday’s, Jennifer Brien provides her THREE CENTS worth of commentary on the hot issues of the day. The standard two cents just isn’t enough for Jen to weigh-in … so we gave her an extra penny’s worth of time.

History Repeats Itself Once Again

No matter how or where, humanity has always had an unquenchable thirst for progress. From setting out to explore new lands from the Americas to the Moon, we have always pursued to enhance our lives and knowledge beyond that which prior generations before us have stopped. But, as of now, we have hit a wall […]

OPINION: What the hell is the matter with the media?

by guest columnist, James M Mageau of Charlestown To the Editor:      It is clear to anyone who has read and understood the intent of our founding father’s that “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” is essential if our nation was to succeed as a free country. Having said that, the success of […]

RI’s AMBASSADOR MIDDENDORF: After the Guns Were Removed, the Killing Fields Began

by J. William Middendorf / originally published on June 16, 2022 on The Daily Signal The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has over the years selected a number of winners for its J. William Middendorf Pillar of Freedom Award, named in honor of Ambassador J. William Middendorf, former Secretary of the Navy and current Heritage […]

Jen’s Three Cents – 7

Long-time Ocean State radio personality and In The Dugout co-host on Monday’s, Jennifer Brien provides her THREE CENTS worth of commentary on the hot issues of the day. The standard two cents just isn’t enough for Jen to weigh-in … so we gave her an extra penny’s worth of time.

OPINION: Mass exodus of Black staffers from Biden White House

Biden is struggling to keep the Black vote due to promises he’s failed to keep. Trying to save face, Biden blames this on racism? He accused the GOP of disenfranchising Blacks after they passed “Jim Crowe” (?) voter ID laws. He even named Republicans, “The party of racism.”

Parents-United-RI Help Avoid Student Walk-out at Chariho

by Polly Hopkins This week (June 13), the Chariho School District faced a student planned walk out. Here’s the story… At Chariho High School, a teacher hung a PRIDE flag in her classroom. In the corner of the classroom, our American flag was rolled up as pictured in photos that students took. Those photos were […]

OPINION: Orewellian Political Supremacists Are Back: Doublespeak Covid Strategy Now Applied to Mass Shootings

The political supremacists are back: Opportunists and self-anointed elitists, who know best of course, and who exploit almost every tragedy to impose their values on the rest of us. What George Orwell described as “doublespeak” by the Party (Big Brother), the pattern is the same when it comes to the most high profile issues of […]

Opinion/Stenhouse: Senators can act to help reduce RI’s energy costs

Most don’t realize that Rhode Island is facing a potential energy crisis: Our state does not have the energy infrastructure needed to meet demand. As a result, we have among the highest average retail prices for energy as compared with other states. In fact, this is a New England-wide problem. As E&E News put it, […]

The Destruction of our Common Values

In a time not so long ago, Americans use to share a commonality of values. Those values being rugged individualism, freedom, hard work, but here in the summer of 2022 things look remarkably different. Those values appear to have been destroyed. There is more than a growing undercurrent of violence, apathy, entitlement and selfishness. It […]

Might THE BIG LIE actually be true? Is the “Let R.I. Vote Act” the real big lie?

Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee is about to sign into law the “Let RI Vote Act” … which, tragically, is based on two BIG LIES. You know what the original BIG LIE is, right? According to the mainstream media and anti-Trump politicians, the BIG LIE is the ostensibly false notion pushed by former President Trump […]

OPINION: Biden cancels consumer consent

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure legislation, passed in November, 2021, undercuts consumer privacy. Buried in the legislation is a requirement that car manufacturers create a new monitoring system for cars by the year 2026. The bill requires new systems to “passively monitor” a driver’s performance to identify whether a driver is impaired.

OPINION: Did citizens really get what they wanted, or were the scales tipped?

We know that Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea removed the security provisions from mail in ballots. We know that the State of Rhode Island was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States where the case was not heard because the event had not taken place and there was no “aggrieved party“. So all said and done this seem to be the end of it. Was removing the security provisions from mail in ballots part of a bigger conspiracy?

OPINION: Katie Lied?* Biased RI Reporting on a Possible Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for School Children (*apologies to Steely Dan)

The promise of journalistic objectivity is not fulfilled by biased RI Reporting on a Possible Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for School Children

Now is the Time for RI Motorists to be Decoupled from California’s Oppressive Emissions Policies

Ocean State motorists dodged a bullet last December when the TCI Gas Tax was defeated here and in 13 other northeast states. The “Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI)” would have artificially increased gasoline prices by up to 35 cents per gallon, while steadily reducing available fuel supplies, by ceding a major portion of our state’s […]

Why Governor McKee Must Completely Remake the RI Department of Health

Remake RI DOH Despite claims of her ‘resignation’, the more likely January firing of Nicole Alexander-Scott as Director of the RI Department of Health (RI DOH), quickly followed by the departure of her top capo, Thomas McCarthy, presents a major opportunity for Governor McKee to remake the crumbling health organization, which completely missed the target […]

Mike Stenhouse: My Dad & Me – An Unfortunate Family Baseball Story

In December 2021 Major League Baseball owners “locked out” current players, a pre-emptive move calculated to gain negotiating advantage in the pending negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement. But did you know that elderly MLB retirees have been locked out for decades?

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