Fernando Villar Jr.: The Left’s Silence on Cuba is Deafening

President Obama called for an end to the US embargo on Cuba because it was causing economic hardships. Try telling the protestors about the horrors of the embargo when they are living in dilapidated homes scrambling for food while the heads of Cuba’s communist party live in lavish estates and never have to worry about missing a meal…What they’ll tell you is that the only embargo in Cuba is the one the communist regime has on its own people, whom the regime views—yesterday, today, and forever as its personal property

Travis Rowley: The Pathological Lie of the Rhode Island Left

That’s right. According to these dug-in Democrats, Rhode Island has never delivered on the progressive promise. The State doesn’t tax enough. Doesn’t spend enough. And doesn’t grant enough power to organized labor.

Sam Adofo: Teaching Liberty in School Today Is More Critical Than Ever

No doubt Critical Race Theory and Gender theory has covertly seeped in and taken over our schools, and everyday Americans are fighting back. This pushback is good because students should not be taught radical racial theory and incoherent gender theory. However, what is the alternative? It is easy to support jettisoning CRT and gender theory, but without a set alternative we leave the teaching of history to college graduates who increasingly believe in the teachings of Howard Zinn and the 1619 project. The curriculum we should put forward should be one of liberty. 

Travis Rowley: On Black Patriotism

Progressives would have everyone believe that Columbus discovered the Garden of Eden, occupied by only the purest of human hearts. And that European slavers ensnared their captives with fishing lines while crossing the Atlantic. Utter nonsense.

American Privilege and American Supremacy

Today, July 4th, our nation celebrates its independence, an independence that far too many do not appreciate.

In June, I attended a business conference in Idaho. On the jet ride out, from my window seat at 30,000 feet, I viewed the grandeur of America; the towering cities and great lakes I viewed from Providence to Chicago; the enormous great plains and farmlands of the midwest and of course the spectacular peaks of the seemingly endless ranges over the great mountain northwest.

As I absorbed the vastness and beauty of our country … its natural greatness … I also pondered its historical greatness. America has a proud heritage that every American should come to properly understand and defend, including its checkered periods and how we sought to overcome those adversities.

Travis Rowley: This Is What Indoctrination Looks Like

A lot is being said these days regarding Critical Race Theory, an unfamiliar term for most of us. But CRT is basically what we have been tolerating for the past 30 years – throughout the culture now, but certainly concentrated inside the universities at first. Volumes of books have already been written about the subject, serving as warnings of what’s to come if the Left’s political correctness wasn’t seriously confronted.

Kara Young: Protect the Innocence of Rhode Island Children

The beautiful and well attended Rosary of Reparation Saturday outside the West Warwick Public Library was amazing and I was very honored to attend. The Rosary took place while inside the Drag Queen “Ninny Nothin’” led a story hour for little children.

Drag Queen “story hours” are nothing less than concocted events with the very thinly veiled agenda of breaking down the natural morality and modesty of young children and indoctrinating them into a very unhealthy ideology.

Travis Rowley: It’s Simple, “Anti-Racist” Means “Racist”

The “anti-fascists” (Antifa) take thuggishly to the streets to maim people who are protesting big-government tyranny. And the “anti-racists” – often under direction of Critical Race Theory – come to all types of broad conclusions based entirely on the color of people’s skin.

Liberty Byte: Grover Norquist on the TCI Gas Tax

Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform tells us why a proposed gas tax will take a bite out of your liberty. After all we’ve been through in the past year, why should we be punished for driving our vehicles? The prices for gasoline could soon rise dramatically for your family if a new stealth […]

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In The Dugout: RI’s “Sugary Drinks” Tax

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: -CRT infecting our schools, we’re investigating. -Grover Norquist in a Liberty Byte -Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Fund & Eli Berkowitz on why the regressive RI “sugary drinks” tax especially hurts low-income families & small businesses struggling to […]

Travis Rowley: Do You Know What You’re Talking About?

People with totalitarian tendencies, even when eventually attempting to sincerely convey honest thoughts, have already been too debased. Too intellectually depraved. Too much groupthink. For too long. How could the politically correct possibly have a firm grip on the issues of the day?

Connecticut’s Refusal of the TCI Gas Tax Should Kill the Bills in RI

It would be cruel for lawmakers to impose this fuel tax, which will especially harm rural and low-income residents, just so the elite can receive a subsidy for their expensive electric vehicles.

Tyler Rowley: And down the slippery slope of sewage we go in the name of love.

If you go about your life without recognizing the reality of God’s existence, you will live a life of insanity. To not acknowledge the most basic and important fact of life — that creatures require a creator — you will not recognize all of the subsequent truths that are built upon that one great truth.

ARIAS FOR FREEDOM: “To This We’ve Come”

ABRIDGED VERSION: Dramatically portrays humanity’s struggle and inevitable victory over the forces of tyranny from the Pulitzer Prize award winning 1950 opera, “The Consul” Composed by Gian Carlo Menotti … Performed by Claire Stadtmueller FULL LENGTH  

Travis Rowley: The Damaging Racism of the Race Obsessed In Providence Schools

There isn’t a student within the Providence school system – long controlled by union-Democrats – who can read.

Yet, the recently replaced principal of Hope High School, Matthew Buchanan, writes in the Boston Globe how concerned he is with the skin tone of the people replacing former administrators.

In The Dugout: Sounding The Fire Alarm

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: Sten in “fire-alarm orange”, rips GA & Governor for supporting of anti-jobs $15 MIN WAGE HIKE and the TCI GAS TAX NFIB guest Dr. Andrew Bostom calls-out DOH director’s FALSE statements; also religious & medical exemption forms

In The Dugout: Mask Freedom Day!

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: I ripped into the continued failure of government during the pandemic; calls for end to RI state of emergency Also Rep David Place on his NO V @ X DISCRIMINATION bill And RI Coalition For Israel board member on […]

Rhody Reporter: Providence Schools get Another F

Providence Schools get Another F: In this segment your Rhody Reporter checks in on the progress – or lack of it – being made in the PVD Public School System. It’s been 18 Months since the State took over the Capitol City’s schools. Is there any headway to highlight? Find out in this edition of […]

In The Dugout: Scandal Exposed

Today’s show is live at 4pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: -Gayle Corrigan on the East Greenwich roots of Warwick union overtime scandal -Dr. Andrew Bostom on why the data does NOT support claims by RIDO H on 12-15 yr olds


Three big guests: -Ken Block on breaking news of OUTRAGEOUS FIREFIGHTER OVERTIME ABUSE in Warwick – Pollster discusses RIers views on the TCI Gas Tax #NoTCItax – Exec VP of the WooSox on yesterday’s home opener

In The Dugout: Hard Hitting News & Views

Topics: -Sue Cienki on McKee’s “deplorable” insult – Worldwide Freedom Rally 2.0 event in RI -Canadian Arrests -Last week’s show

#InTheDugout: Dr. Cretella & Dr. Bostom

Topics:   – The insanity of the push for high school and other public vaccination clinics! – Is there such a thing a vaccine “shedding”? – Stenhouse statement on TCI.

In The Dugout: Fathers Should Take their Families to Mass and the ABC’s of Cryptocurrency

-Will the Cancel Culture Cancel Caitlyn? -CATHOLIC ALERT: Tyler Rowley on why fathers should take their families to Mass -Update on the SK school bond -Special guest expert: the ABC’s of cryptocurrency and block-chain technology

#InTheDugout: SIX BIG QUESTIONS on HS vaccination clinics

Also: More Woke Left Madness What is going on in South Kingstown? Unions mailing their propaganda to kids?

In The Dugout: OUTRAGED PARENTS on Covid School Overreach

Coerced student vaccinations without parental consent coming soon to a school near you? Testing passports mandated for high school sports participation? Student athletes shouldn’t be forced to take experimental test for Covid in order to compete! The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity has joined with parents from RISE UP RI to petition state […]

TYLER ROWLEY: Fathers, Take Your Family To Mass

As Catholic men with a sense of mission, we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by a seemingly impossible situation in our country and Church, brought upon by years of stupidity and sin. Here is the answer.

Rhody Reporter: Green New Power Grab

In this Segment your Rhody Reporter breaks down the first steps now being taken to use the recently passed Green New Deal, RI, to break down municipal authority. Watch this installment to hear how activists both inside and outside of State Government are using the Courts to eliminate local authority by enforcing the Green New […]

Rhody Reporter: Big Brother in Rhode Island

Mark Zaccaria looks at all the ways your personal freedoms are being crowded. It turns out that technology makes it easier and easier for government to keep a detailed dossier on everyone. Add to that the problem of elected officials always needing larger and larger doses of tax dollars to achieve the same effect. That’s a prescription for trampling on personal freedoms in pursuit of public revenue. D’ya think that’s what the Founders of the republic envisioned?

Politics This Week with John DePetro: Not-So-Hidden Schemes

My weekly call-in on John DePetro’s WNRI 1380 AM/95.1 FM show, for April 12, included talk about:

  • Still waiting on the LG
  • McKee’s Saturday climate signing in Newport
  • The big-money RI Foundation
  • The big-money Warwick firefighter overtime
  • Voting bills
  • Providence schools still in a lurch

I’ll be on again Monday, April 19, at 12:00 p.m. on WNRI 1380 AM and I-95.1 FM.

Rhody Reporter: Buddy Cianci Rides Again

Mark Zaccaria delivers an homage to the late, great Prince of Providence. The occasion for this is the release of a particularly kitschy offer by the Buddy Cianci Foundation. Zaccaria riffs on the Great Once but comes around to admiring the man as a character, if not always admiring his character.

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