The intriguing story of Josh Mello and Rachel Ware #InTheDugout – September 21, 2023

TODAY ON OUR SHOW: Continuing coverage of the complex story of Josh Mello and Rachel Ware. The saga continues as embattled Cranston father claims a “web of injustices.” Plus, the Boomer Zoomers are back — Coming up LIVE Thursday at 4:00 PM and then always on demand.

Nicole Solas’ Family Canceled by Their Own Pediatrician

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Nicole Solas, a frequent guest on The Current’s In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse video podcast, was one of America’s first parental rights advocates to gain national attention after she was sued by her town’s teachers union for asking too many questions about the curricula at her child’s school in South Kingstown. *** […]

Center Endorses Federal ‘STUDENT Act’ to Restrict NEA from Further Damaging Education

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, the state’s only pro-freedom think-tank, publicly endorsed the ‘STUDENT Act‘, a package of proposed reforms to the National Education Association’s (NEA) unique status as the only federally chartered labor union. The Act would prohibit the NEA from engaging in electoral politics and lobbying, among other provisions. The NEA, […]

State legislatures battle over parental rights, gender procedures

State legislatures have debated parental rights in reproductive care and gender related procedures for children.

Must See Interview! NJ Moms Targeted and Sued

These Brave NJ MOMS are under fire for protecting their children; Christina Balestriere and Kristen Cobo tell us their story.

IWN: “Banned Book” Forum at Brown University Failed to Deliver Diversity of Thought

By the co-founders of the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network “It would have been helpful to hear a perspective – on behalf of parents – who struggle with the idea that some of these books do indeed overly expose young children to controversial ideas and topics.” On Wednesday May 3rd, we attended an […]

Detransitioner Katie Lennon Zoom Event by MA Family Institute

Understanding the Transgender Issue with detransitioner Katie Lennon will be held coming Friday at 7:00pm by zoom

Local Parental Rights Lawsuit Gets “Friend of the Court” Brief from Major National Experts

On Friday, March 31 an Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) brief to The Supreme Court of Rhode Island was filed on Behalf of Joshua Nagel by University of Notre Dame Law Professor Gerard V. Bradley, and co-signed by “an international assembly of medical doctors, academic scientists, allied health professionals, and officers (past and present) of […]

Parents United RI Condemns Woke Lawmakers’ Opposition to Parental Rights Legislation

Parents United RI is deeply concerned by recent statements made by certain elected legislators, who used the official RI legislative website and social media accounts to announce their intention to oppose multiple bills – before they were even introduced to the RI House Education Committee.

The PUBLIC & Stenhouse submit testimony OVERWHELMINGLY in support of bill to repeal RIDE’s curricula mandate powers

The Ocean State Current has obtained the testimony below, as submitted earlier today by Mike Stenhouse from the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity …  **** March 23, 2023 TO:                         House Committee on Education FROM:                   Mike Stenhouse, CEO, RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity SUBJCET:             My […]

BREAKING: Is a Settlement Close in the Southwell v McKee School Mask Mandate Lawsuit?

Developing … The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against Governor Dan McKee and the RI Department of Health, among others, has informed The Ocean State Current that a major break in the case may be close at hand. Rich Southwell, one of over 3 dozen parent plaintiffs, was advised by their attorney, Gregory Piccirilli, that […]

Josh Mello vs Cranston Saga Continues: Couple Suffers More Consequences from City’s Actions

EDITOR’S NOTE: We last reported on Josh Mello’s story in December, when his request for his daughter NOT to participate in school surveys was purposefully circumvented by school officials. Since then, The Current has learned that Josh and Rachel have been homeless for many months, living out of van, in large part due to the […]

Courageous RI is a Scam to Indoctrinate Students and the Public

Intrepid parent activist and head of Parents United RI, Laurie GB, weighs in on Twitter with her thoughts on Tuesday’s press conference announcing the launch of the federally-funded Courageous RI org. . Mike Stenhouse, CEO, for the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls the group’s mission a scam intended to further indoctrinate students, teachers, […]

RI’s Education Supremacists Display Contempt for American Ideals

Originally published by the Providence Journal, March 4 (online version not available) America’s upcoming 250th birthday should be a patriotic celebration of our inalienable rights and recognition of our American birthright of liberty. Instead, we find that patriotism has systematically been de-institutionalized across our country. Regrettably, the RI Department of Education and the RI Board […]

Westerly Parental-Rights Activist Blasts Local YMCA for Trans Locker Room Policy

Well-known parental rights activist, Bob Chiaradio, is raising awareness about yet another controversial public policy failure in his town of Westerly, Rhode Island. PROGRAMMING NOTE: Chiarado will be Sten’s guest on his popular In The Dugout video podcast, which can be viewed anytime after 4pm today at: Per his Facebook post: Just got off […]

RI Board Of Education Shows its Disdain for the Public in Adopting Woke Social Studies Standards

In a disdainful and dishonest act last evening, the Council for Elementary and Secondary Education, part of the RI Board Of Education, unanimously passed the inaccurate and overly-politicized social studies standards, as proposed by Commissioner Angelica Infante Green and her RI Department of Education. Despite overwhelming public opposition, and without any discussion at all, the […]

Stenhouse: Violence in Warwick Schools; Reaping the Consequences of their Perverse Teachings?

Last week, the Principal of Veterans Middle School in Warwick issued a public appeal on Facebook to school parents about the increasing violence that is occurring among its student body (the full appeal is below). It is clear to me – based on common sense and on the many conversations I’ve held with child psychologists […]

UPDATED: WOW. Samples of Public Outcry Against RIDE’s Proposed “woke” Social Studies Standards

The following excerpts were provided to The Current by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity. They represent actual commentary from concerned citizens who have emailed the RI Board Of Education, encouraging them to REJECT the inaccurate and overly-politicized social studies standards, proposed by RI Department of Education and its Commissioner, Angelic Infante-Green. A vote […]

Mini-Victory: Based on the Center’s Report, RIDE Corrects Some Errors, but Maintains Core Politicization and Unprofessionalism

by David Randall, author of “Taken for a RIDE” The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has just issued its final draft of the Rhode Island Social Studies Standards. RIDE made cosmetic changes in response to the critiques of Taken for a RIDE: How Rhode Island’s Social Studies Shortchange Students (Civics Alliance and Rhode Island […]

Is URI assisting the “Weaponization of Government” by Funding New Group to Attack Parents Who Speak Out?

DEVELOPING … see Mike Stenhouse’s video commentary on this issue on his Feb 15 In The Dugout podcast (click here) The Twitter string copied below has been taken directly from    the Parents United RI  @ParentsUnitedRI social media page. These revelations raise some very disturbing questions: Are these grant funds from the federal Department of […]

Photo Journalism by Dr. Andrew Bostom from Saturday’s N.K. child “grooming” presentation

These images were part of a presentation on February 11 by concerned North Kingstown mom, Ramona Bessinger, who is also a suspended Providence teacher for blowing the whistle on inappropriate curricula in Providence schools. The photos are examples of the inappropriate content that is being pushed upon North Kingstown students in school curricula or by […]

Queer Woman Blows Woman on Moral & Medical Mutilation of Youth at “Gender Clinics”

Originally published by By Jamie Reed February 9, 2023 on The Free Press as: I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle. There are more than 100 pediatric gender clinics across the U.S. I worked at one. What’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling. Jamie Reed at home in Missouri. […]

BREAKING: RI Supreme Court Sides with Father Seeking to Protect His Child from the Covid Vax

A rare, but major victory for parental rights was won in the highest court in the state of Rhode Island, albeit the victory may only be temporary. In the Ocean State and across America, state and federal courts have routinely ruled against families, citizens, and employees who, for religious, moral, or medical reasons have opted […]

PHOTO Journalism: How N. Kingstown Schools Are Advancing Radical and Divisive Content

After the so called ‘presentation’ in the North Kingstown school library, a 15 minute intermission was given so people could talk amongst themselves and then reconvene for more discussion. I took that time to search the library for the very books (and others) that you are parents are trying to remove from Westerly and other […]

RI Center for Freedom Publishes Report Blasting RIDE’s Misguided “Woke” Social Studies Standards

Read the Report: “Taken for a RIDE” (click here) How Rhode Island’s Social Studies Standards Teach Radical Activism Instead of America’s Birthright of Liberty The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, in partnership with the Civics Alliance, today released a report entitled, “Taken For a RIDE“, which presents a detailed critique of Rhode Island’s Social Studies Standards […]

Ramona Bessinger to Conduct Informational Forum for Parents

Ramona Bessinger, the Providence “whistle-blower” teacher who was suspended for truthfully raising awareness about divisive and inappropriate school curricula, along with co-leaders of the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network, Geeta Chougule and Jean Lehane, will provide more information about their upcoming parents’ forum … as guests on In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse, […]

Warwick Mother Claims Physical & Emotional Abuse of Her Learning Impaired First Grade Son

EDITOR’S NOTE: The story below is based on number of different emails received by The Current from Melissa Dixon. The story is important because schools must fulfill their legal responsibilities to learning impaired students like Melissa’s son who are under an IEP or 504 plan. **** In Melissa’s own words … “Here’s what happened to my […]

PARENT ALERT: School Choice Fair in Warwick Jan. 22

Rhode Island Families for School Choice will be conducting its first ever “school choice fair” where parents and students can learn about the many opportunities available in Rhode Island, when considering the best educational path for K-12 students. With public schools in Rhode Island failing students, and as student achievement levels continue to fall, many […]

Rhode Island receives $7.2 million for youth mental health

Rhode Island is receiving another tranche of federal funding to help expand mental health services for youth in the state’s public school system.

Gaspee Project’s Chairman Blasts Libelous ‘White Supremacist’ Label by Woke Chariho Teacher

I ask that Mr. Fee show proof of his accusations or publicly apologize for his lies. And I would like to remind Mr. Fee that, as a private citizen, I have every right to take legal action in response to libelous claims.

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