Why are Cranston Schools Refusing to Investigate the Disturbing Josh Mello Affair?

As of the posting of this updated story (June 21, 2022),  the Cranston school committee has not indicated whether or not it will investigate how a father and legal guardian of one if its students may have been improperly or even illegally removed from an authorized list to care for his own child. This single […]

WATCH: N.K. School Committee Chair Ignores the Key Issue in “Naked Body-fat Test” report

VIDEO: Gregory Blasbalg, Chairman for the North Kingstown, RI school committee, gives lip service to the 146 page report filed by Judge Susan McGuirl. In his statement, Blasbalg completely ignores the failures of the School Committee to act, early on, after details of the Aaron Thomas abuse came to light.

Is the General Assembly Finally Moving to “Protect Our Kids”?

Updated June 8, 2022, 11:20 AM EST It appears as if Rhode Island’s General Assembly has finally been convinced to take action of the the “Protect Our Kids” legislation. Under intense pressure from the ParentsUnitedRI.com coalition, House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi has now allowed H8230 to have a hearing in the Judiciary Committee at the Rise […]

New Biden administration rule will tie federal education funding to LGBT mandates

An upcoming Biden administration rule change will tie billions of dollars in federal education funding to an array of LGBT policies, forcing school districts and universities to implement controversial rules on issues like transgender athletes in order to receive federal funding.

What are we doing to our kids? Mental Health Crisis is Self-Inflicted Wound

We are being told mental health is a crisis among students in our country. School children have been under stress from lockdowns, isolation, and now they are hearing about the tragic school shooting in Texas. The globalists of the world tell us we will never go back to normal, and we must accept a new […]

Only ONE Gubernatorial Candidate Takes a Position on the “Protect Our Kids Act” (S2219, H8230)

(updated 2:35pm May 19) Only one of the five (5) major announced candidates for Governor of Rhode Island has responded to The Ocean State Current’s request for a statement about the “Protect Our Kids” legislation – S2219 and H8230 … whether in support, opposition, or other position. Kalus’ statement was brief, but to the point: […]

Grand-mom Rips “Rah! Rah!” Parent Group for their “Blessed Tolerance” of Chariho Schools

(This column originally appeared in the Chariho Times) The Friends of Chariho Facebook page is a Rah, Rah, Chariho School page.  Everything is wonderful in Chariho. We support EVERYTHING Chariho! Rah, Rah! Rah! We will go after anyone that says anything is wrong in Chariho Land. We will call them names. We will accuse them […]

PRESS CONFERENCE: Parent Advocates Join Sen. de la Cruz to Support Child Safety Bills

Parental rights and child safety advocates joined with Senate Minority Whip Jessica de la Cruz (R-Dist. 23, North Smithfield, Burrillville, Glocester, North Smithfield) at the Rhode Island State House today to demand that legislation to close a loophole that allows those in positions of authority to engage in sexual relations with children is passed.

The Left’s War on Children

What are we doing to our children? The leaked news that the Supreme Court may be about to overturn its controversial 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has sent political shock waves across America. It’s also given new life to the left’s faux trope about “the right’s war on women.” But if we take a step back and take an […]

See the video: NK residents BLAST school committee, then are ignored

Wednesday evening’s special school committee meeting in North Kingstown had a single agenda item – to select a consulting firm to make a recommendation on the hiring of a new school superintendent. However, during the open comments period, two residents blasted the school committee for being the cause of the many legal, financial, and community […]

PragerU: Fund the Children, Not the Schools

Why is it that parents have so little control over where their children go to school? Unless you homeschool or send your child to a private school, you’re at the mercy of the government and the Teachers Unions. That needs to change. Corey DeAngelis, National Director of Research at the American Federation for Children, explains why.


Is the Providence mask mandate over? Parent’s Union congratulates Providence Schools and parents for dropping mask mandate after mask use for COVID 19 widely abandoned everywhere else.

Reported North Kingstown Coach Naked Fat Testing Timeline

1994 – Earliest incident of Thomas doing Naked fat testing 1999 – 2003 Student A subjected to Thomas Naked fat testing 2002 – 2006 Student C subjected to Thomas Naked fat testing 2005 – Athletic IQ schedule identifies Thomas fat testing 2006 – 2008 Student B subjected to Thomas Naked Fat Testing 2006 July 25 […]

BREAKING NEWS: NK Superintendent Phil Auger Out

The North Kingstown school district has been under great public scrutiny. Parents have raised serious concerns about indoctrination by educators of students with Critical Race Theory principles. Allegations of nude body fat testing by a high school coach of teenage boys have shocked the community. Now, in the midst of this controversy, Phil Auger has […]

Foundational Choices: Education Scholarship Accounts in the midst of the fight between public and charter schools.

Though our rights, endowed by our creator as well as the rights of the constitution, have a lot of our freedoms laid out, there are a few parts where the beautiful document lacks. A powerhouse of this oppressive opponent we face is taxation. Though a lot of it is justified; the roads we use, the FDA […]

Sam Adofo: Teaching Liberty in School Today Is More Critical Than Ever

No doubt Critical Race Theory and Gender theory has covertly seeped in and taken over our schools, and everyday Americans are fighting back. This pushback is good because students should not be taught radical racial theory and incoherent gender theory. However, what is the alternative? It is easy to support jettisoning CRT and gender theory, but without a set alternative we leave the teaching of history to college graduates who increasingly believe in the teachings of Howard Zinn and the 1619 project. The curriculum we should put forward should be one of liberty. 

Teachers Union Official Steps Down From South Kingstown School Committee After Massive Public Outcry on Student Indoctrination

Union director Sarah Markey officially resigned from the South Kingstown School Committee on Monday after a national outcry against the unfair treatment of Nicole Solas. Solas is a mother concerned about the far-left indoctrination of students in public schools being orchestrated by CRT advocates.

Travis Rowley: This Is What Indoctrination Looks Like

A lot is being said these days regarding Critical Race Theory, an unfamiliar term for most of us. But CRT is basically what we have been tolerating for the past 30 years – throughout the culture now, but certainly concentrated inside the universities at first. Volumes of books have already been written about the subject, serving as warnings of what’s to come if the Left’s political correctness wasn’t seriously confronted.

Travis Rowley: It’s Simple, “Anti-Racist” Means “Racist”

The “anti-fascists” (Antifa) take thuggishly to the streets to maim people who are protesting big-government tyranny. And the “anti-racists” – often under direction of Critical Race Theory – come to all types of broad conclusions based entirely on the color of people’s skin.

Critical Race Theory In Chariho Public Schools

Rhode Island residents Polly Hopkins and Robert Foster met when they were students at Chariho High School in Wood River Junction, RI back in the 90s. Members of the same group of friends, they enjoyed playing sports and hanging out. Now they’ve come together again over another shared concern; the Critical Race Theory curriculum gaining momentum in public schools across Rhode Island.

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